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  1. even communicating through vms, where the avatar is small, is still reason of overwhelming shame.

    i can't live with this. Someone remove this hairy piece of shit from my set already

  2. Don't make me ask questions in the Kingdom section where you're obliged to answer.

    You finally have a decent set, you should wear it with pride. In fact, I find it quite astonishing.
  3. apologies zentosu

    but i decided to post the least as possible this week.

    this set is too embarrassing to show around
  4. hmph
  5. Woah, woah. Again with your fantasies.
    When I said you had my blood flowing somewhere, I meant my brain, because we engage in meaningful conversation.
    Wow, can't believe you were like that Crispy.
  6. hands off my butt, perv
  7. So you think ignoring me will make me go away?
  8. Dio will die an ugly death.
  9. taking a liking to jojo, hm?
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