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  1. Why not just link it in that case? I can't find it.
  2. I'm pretty sure I had posted that calc here when it was done.
  3. Yeah I know, so why don't you just link that? Or is it no longer there?
  4. I was the one in NF that brought up the argument
  5. I can't find the Kizaru/Rayleigh debate on NF where Iwan conceded about Kizaru moving at LS when Rayleigh reacted. Do you remember which one it was?
    That would pretty much solve your dispute.
  6. Shadowing in the exact spot where Jellal caved his neck in after blitzing him? Really Delly, you too?
  7. Lol just make a thread to complain,put a poll and the members will take care of it.I would have done it but I had to leave because of work.
  8. Or at least tell me what's required to make a ban request and I'll make it myself.
  9. Make a ban request thread or whatever, I don't know how that's done. I'd like to see a normal UBD thread once in a while for a change.
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