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  1. In your daughter, I will give her all of my power regarding comics to elevate her to her true potential.
  2. It's why they'd call me Minute Man Mak.
  3. So you like to go fast?

  4. Tbh I enjoy line racing a lot. Can get super intense with similar builds. lol
  5. Ya i'm from fukui, mountain passes are the most exciting things to drive up here

    So i'm more used to downhill races

    Plus line racing just ain't as exciting ya know
  6. I imagine you wouldn't be doing line racing. lol

    At least I wouldn't.
  7. Gotta be able to clear those corners without any problems you know

    Obviously the max speed isn't the greatest so it's not the best at straight line races

    Also it's a car us old fucks would remember
  8. Never can trust a racing vehicle I didn't work on.
  9. Nah had it custom made already so the specs are obviously better than normal

    cost a little extra but worth it
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