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  1. Watch some Jordan Peterson

    the man is a national treasure
  2. Muhmuh Russia

    Muh impeachment

    I feel like they're stuck in a loop.

    Goddang did you hear that nbc news twitter tweeted that putin said there might have been undisclosed communication, which sold like hotcakes. Afterwards it was "corrected" and bullshit. Yeah... that didn't get the same amount of retweets. I wonder why, he asked sarcastically.
  3. gotta love it when "top" politicians are hysterically tripping over themselves
  4. Now Dems and the left are all for States and private industries regulating themselves instead of federal overseers.

    Trump just did so many 4d chess moves they're doing what Rebublicans have wanted for years!

    The madman Pulls out of the Accord, and what do they do? start advocating for states to do what they want instead of relying on more Government

  5. Whoever thought that pulling out could feel so good

  6. This Mofo is playing the world's smallest Violin in the face of Paris Accord

  7. What are your thoughts on this video?

  8. well no doubt media will try to discredit anything trump does. this whole thing just makes it clear who the "loud minority" is.
  9. np

    it'd be the biggest scandal to hit the white house in a long time. i think it is true and it will really rock the democrats.

    the media loves gliding over, but more and more people are waking up to the fact that we need to wait and see if trump and his people can deliver on what he says.
  10. I'd like to have a discussion of length with you about things related trump whenever we're both not busy.

    did you hear about obama allegedly wiretapping trump's phone?

    I mean it wouldn't surprise me, after all the shady shit the DNC was caught for.
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