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  1. unban me from the chatbox
  2. I've missed your snark

    Rip them apart. Rip everyone who's become accustomed into this "handholding & let's all not offend each other" bullshit.

    TMF is a furnace. Raking each other over coals strengthens the community and thins the weak ones out.

    The PH is atrocious, for example.
  3. for sure
  4. You need to teach some of these clowns a lesson
  5. Ah that avatar brings back fond memories hehe.
  6. Thanks man
  7. Happy early birthday wish from your favorite person!

    ...and from me too!
  8. A guy who called you a faggot!
  9. who the fuck are you again?
  10. But tbh you're both faggots.
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