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  1. So are we fine with the signature crispi chose for alchemist21 just because he lost a bet?

    It's almost pure underage hentai
  2. Apologies.
  3. What would have been my punishment, good sir?
  4. oops.

    is what I meant to include
  5. Instrumentals like Synthwave

    i.e this

    or something from movies? how do you come across them?

    Country music is given because you live in Iowa right? how's the weather there?

    any mood for Ska? how's the Reggae? I personally can't really count myself a fan there

    Oh and Jazz, have you seen it played live?
  6. Tough question

    I generally enjoy listening to instrumental or orchestral music, foreign music if I'm in the mood for it. Some forms of metal (symphonic or power mostly, maybe some pirate metal), along with some rap every now and then, same with Jazz and classic. I find myself enjoying Rock and related subgenres. I also end up listening to country as well since that's what's usually on the radio and it's either that or pop, which I suppose I also listen too fairly regularly. R&B and Opera are less frequent, but I might mix some of that onto my pallet for variety among some other things.
  7. What kind of music do you generally listen to?

    "all types" is a moot point, not asking that.
  8. Can you give a quick rundown of type war events within last 10 hours.
  9. Oh yeah I forgot it's been that long.
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