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  1. do anime movies (as in the visuals are anime, not just the source material) belong in the entertainment, or GSD?

    I keep finding few, but I'm not sure how they've been handled
  2. I haven't really thought of it much outside of the main four.

    I guess it would be cool seeing Foggy Nelson and Jeri Hogarth pairing up in the courtroom.
  3. Who would you like to see meet each other in defenders?

    I'd like seeing misty knight meet that uhh blond woman who was in Jessica Jones and whose name I did not forget.
  4. Let's be friends, mmmkay?
  5. If it's just any sort of general topics then it's probably most suited for the Café main page; it's meant for any sort of general discussion that isn't spam.
  6. I would like to make a general topic discussion thread, sort of a blog thread where I'd express views on tmf related drama, and invite people to share their views.

    Rants and bants(working title)

    Due to me personally thinking it shouldn't just be shoved in EZ, because I plan to have serious topics too, could i have it in the war zone sub-section to avoid problems with possibly heating up debates.
  7. ccrack's sig. need I say more?

    Could you move this to the ASOIF sub section
  9. Can you move goosebumps thread from art gallery to library?
  10. can you remember roughly how many months you were a contributor before becoming a mod?

    can you remember roughly how many months you were a mod before becoming a supermod?
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