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  1. Well, I'd assume you get a kick out of things in US.

    But you had/have a cat too? How'd that work out between them? who was the alpha?
  2. I suppose it's been okay
  3. How's life? I mean, you did lose your dog.
  4. I think 10 characters.
  5. What's the character limit on nicknames?
  6. What'd you want your nickname to be?
  7. That came out wrong. But I know you know what I meant

    Ah, I stumbled upon your "what GP thinks of you" thread and saw I had posted there.

    This version circa late 2015 had been some kind of sad clown and asked to be skipped.

    Your reply "Agreed" on me being irrelevant could fit most of TMF
  8. I don't know what threads you've been reading or why you think my thoughts on you extend to the rest of the forum as though you're some sort of representative of the site, but perhaps I'll entertain the idea.
  9. I went through some of your threads, and noticed you used to give your opinions of people if they requested it.

    Those seem to be in trend now, care to give your thoughts on me? And by extension, rest of tmf
  10. do anime movies (as in the visuals are anime, not just the source material) belong in the entertainment, or GSD?

    I keep finding few, but I'm not sure how they've been handled
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