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  1. I'd stick with that one. It seems to be one of the more stocked and least likely to be taken offline.
  2. Alright, thank you.

    I'm using readcomicsonline, however I have no idea whether it's good website to read comics or not.
  3. Go with the 08 Deadpool and Deadpool Merc With a Mouth.

    Do you know where to look for comics?
  4. Definitely humor.

    You can send me anything you consider ''good'' and I will just check it out. If I won't like it, then I'll just drop it.
  5. Good Deadpool comics, eh? I should really ask what it is you like about Deadpool because that will definitely change what you want to read.

    Though many think his series back in '08, written by Day is not too bad and a sort of balance between the more fucked up Deadpool and the jokester Deadpool.
  6. Hi Mak, could you send me some good Deadpool comics? I've watched a movie some time ago and I really liked it. Most likely my favorite comic based movie.
  7. lol I dunno, I think he used to rock a young blonde girl or something. For whatever reason I think of him when I see yours.
  8. Well, I didn't even know who MOMO is, so I had to check. Her/his avatar is not even that similar to mine, so I don't know how it resembles MOMO, but whatever. Anyway, mine is much better, so I don't really care. *evil laugh*
  9. I trust you, Jor. Even if it's a bad idea.
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