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  1. Thanks for the feedback mate
  2. Yo.

    Well, I am not good with calculations and all this stuff, so I don't recommend asking me about that, but from looking at chapter 21-30, it should be City Block to Multi City Block level, maybe Small Town level at best. Especially from this scan:

    I am not using Anime Vice account anymore, so I am not gonna post that right there.

    I have no idea about, if you need any advice, you should ask Y or someone else, he is one of the coolest guys here (I guess).

    That's about it, I wasn't much of help, but you are welcome.
  3. Mind looking at my boy Caesars feats?

    I made a thread for my boy Caesar with his feats.

    Chapter 21 - 30 is his best D/C and Speed in my opinion and his second fight
    Chapter 31 - 33 is his third fight

    What do you think his D/C, speed, and durability is?
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