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  1. Thanks, bro.
  2. Congrats. The color is looking good
  3. thanks you are my brother .

    how come no one ever used this avater before. damn

  4. No problem, look how dope it looks:

  5. thanks. done . i decided to use the escanor avatar for few days, but this one is great. might keep it longer.
  6. There is a few decent Escanor avatars. Don't worry, I've already resized them.

    Black and white:


    The first one in color is probably the best one, in my opinion.
  7. Yea, I am reading the manga of BnHA. It's great.
  8. holy shit!!! just watched MHA, damn. first part was great but second part was epic. episode 32 of AOT and this has to be the best anime episode i have watched in a while. 10/10

    btw did you read the manga?
  9. yeap sure. this has to be the most hyped fight this season
  10. Oh, it's 11 pm in my country. No worries, AoT episode was quite good as well, but nothing beats today's BnHA episode. Make sure to tell me your thoughts tomorrow.
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