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  1. Yea, I am reading the manga of BnHA. It's great.
  2. holy shit!!! just watched MHA, damn. first part was great but second part was epic. episode 32 of AOT and this has to be the best anime episode i have watched in a while. 10/10

    btw did you read the manga?
  3. yeap sure. this has to be the most hyped fight this season
  4. Oh, it's 11 pm in my country. No worries, AoT episode was quite good as well, but nothing beats today's BnHA episode. Make sure to tell me your thoughts tomorrow.
  5. i will watch tomorrow. its already 4 am.i will watch all four of them at once, DBS, OP, AOT and MHA. and i am hyped specially for MHA
  6. I saw you having Todoroki avatar, so I am sure you are reading/watching BnHA. Have you seen the last episode? That was amazing.

  7. so thats why it looked familiar. nice one
  8. ''You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Az again.''

    Thanks, it's Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. This picture is from Tokyo Ghoul:re, sequel of original TG.
  9. yea

    no matter what happens rax will never change.
  10. Thanks. I didn't feel like coming back, but reading all this mess in Fairy Tail threads made by Rax is always fun.
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