View Full Version : Anyone here still follow the new prince of tennis?

12-15-2010, 11:09 PM
didn't know it existed and recently looked into it after reading the original. So far so good, but wondering if there are fans over here.

12-19-2010, 10:52 PM
I've watched the original. I think it ended after they beat those U.S. kids.

So is this new one any good?

12-20-2010, 01:42 AM
I suggest reading the manga from where you left off, unless you've watched the OVA because they left out the whole nationals tournament in the anime.

Yeah it's pretty damn good. My only qualm is that it's released monthly now and the pacing is really slow because of it.

12-20-2010, 02:37 AM
Yeah I never got up to that lol.

I guess I'll pick it up after I finish catching up on Vagabond.