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02-01-2018, 10:00 AM
The color spread is Erina in a rider suit.

Neneís wondering the meaning behind Isshikiís words. Nene thinks that Issiki is mocking her by saying confusing things.

But Isshiki says that it may be true that him being able to do everything ended up hurting Nene, but itís still true that he appreciates and respects her.

Isshiki received culinary training since he was young and he mastered all of it with ease.

Looking from the outside, it looked like heís the perfect heir. But within the family, it would have been unacceptable if Isshiki turned out to be a failure.

Isshiki was told things like ďDonít make a scene just because you learned that one skill. If you donít master it, then itís the family that will end up suffering.Ē

So he never had a sense of accomplishment, and he was never praised by anyone.

Every day Isshiki trained with a dull feeling. So much that he ended up not understanding what cooking means to him.

Meanwhile, the judges taste Isshikiís dish.

When Isshiki lost his joy of cooking, he met Nene. Compared to him, she didnít master skills as easily as he did, but she enjoyed the training and learned things step by step, and Isshiki thought that her profile looked beautiful during all that.

Seeing Nene like that, Isshiki finally realized for the first time that cooking may actually be something fun.

Isshiki also remembers about the polar dormitory and wants to hone his skill to bring joy to other people. And the first person who taught him that was Nene Kinokuni.

Isshiki respects Nene and thatís why he wants her to remember the feelings of that time when Isshiki thought she had a beautiful profile.

Isshikiís super attacking Washoku style causes a crack on Tsukasaís armor. Meanwhile Tsukasa isÖ