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01-17-2018, 09:44 PM
Before trying Eina’s dish, Momo grades it.

Momo says if Erina had made a soufflé pancake then she would have given it 100 points, but her decision to make it a Dorayaki instead, ended up blurring the delicate texture and flavor.

Erina maintains a calm expression and tells Momo that once she tastes it, she will understand why she was irritated.

Reluctantly, Momo tastes the Dorayaki, and with the first bite, she gets captivated by the dish.

Erina used a special Yoghurt for the Dorayaki. That special Yoghurt was mixed in the pancake, creating an even richer flavor. And this further complemented the brown sugar bean paste.

She explains that if she hadn’t seen Tadokoro’s Doyaki, then she wouldn’t have been able to create it.

According to Erina, Momo’s unique talent lead her to create 100points worth dishes one after another. She then saw an unknown light that doesn’t exist in the world she rules, so she wasn’t able to acknowledge that bright light.

Even if it meant to abandon the likelihood to get 100 points, Tadoko’s fighting style to aim for 120 points is what caused Momo to get irritated.

And this is the exact same experience Erina tasted with Soma.

Erina then declares that she isn’t some Queen that just sits on her throne. Erina wins this battle 3-0.

The remaining battles in the 4th Bout are, card 2 Tsukasa vs Isshiki, and card 3 Rindou vs Takumi.


01-17-2018, 10:44 PM
gonna need to see the chapter to digest this :psyduck

I think Takumi might have a good chance to take Rindou down now :cry

King Yama
01-18-2018, 03:38 AM

How did the Castle lose to some dorayaki yogurt? :thisguy

the author isn't even trying to make it believable anymore. :thisguy


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Erina sweeps? Oh boy...

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Not looking forward to this chapter. :away