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Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 228 Spoiler:

Issue cover: Soma, Tsukasa, Rindou

Color spread: Tsukasa, Rindou, Saitou, Momo, Nene, and Eizan.

Erina: Do you get it? There is no value in throwing away your captain. (This expression means it’s meaningless to make people go against an opponent who is too overwhelming)

Erina: There is a no chance for us to win against a strong opponent if we don’t counter them back with strong fighters.

Soma: What do you mean ”throwing away your captain”?

Takumi: It means to make weak fighters go against strong fighters and to ensure wins in a more probable battles.

Erina: Such defeat is as pointless as it gets.

Aoki: Y…Yeah you’re right.

Yoshino: We need to get rid off the first and second seats or we have no chance of winning.

Erina: Yes… Right… But…

Soma: ?

[Flashback over]

Mimasaka: Why? My trace was perfect! And the arranging too!

Sharm: The difference between you were “hidden cuts”

​Mimasaka insists that he followed exact procedures to make his sushi but Saitou objects by saying.

Saitou: That’s right. Your trace was wonderful… But what we made isn’t a normal Edo Mae Sushi!

Saitou: But it’s “Kodama Sushi”.

Mimasaka realizes something.

Saitou: You seem to understand now! Yes, you made too many “hidden cuts!”

Saitou further explains that there needs to be a delicate control when you do “hidden cuts”.

Saitou: The difference was the experience I pursued to master the Sushi way! There is no need to blame yourself!

Mimasaka: …!

Ann: But the most amazing item was Mr. Tsukasa’s “Gradation puree soup with 4 different leaves”

Tsukasa managed to get the best out of all the 4 leaves, and Ryoko can’t believe it.

Ann: After I tasted Mr. Kuga’s dish…I thought he’s going to win. But…

She explains that Tsukasa’s dish exceeded the impact she got from Kuga’s dish.

Ann: Since the theme was decided, you only had a short period…So how did you build this multistructured taste!

Ann: More than Mr. Kuga! I can only admit that he managed to integrate the green leaves to his dish far superior.

Megishima: …

Rindou: Hehehe.

Aoki&Satou: It’s no good…They are too strong…

Urara is taunting again and says that they suffered a meaningless defeat.

Erina: I’m not too sure about that.

Rindou says that she wants to battle in the 3rd bout too and asks Tsukasa to join her to finish it off but…

Tsukasa: No…I can’t do that.

Rindou: Ahhn?

Tsukasa: The battle with Kuga caused a far bigger exhaustion than I thought…

Tsukasa: Even with Mimasaka’s support…I didn’t expect that he would bring out such an item…

Tsukasa: You’re the same right, Rindou? Don’t push yourself too hard.

Rindou: What are you on Tsukasa. Don’t say such pathetic things.

Rindou falls down to the ground.

Rindou: Aha…Didn’t expect any less from Megishima’s Ramen. Who would've thought that a direct fight would cause such fatigue on me…

Tsukasa: Compared to us…Saitou, you’re really tough.

Saitou: No…That’s not true. It felt like I had a fight with my own shadow.

His hands are shaking.

Saitou: I also am exhausted more than I thought…Perfect trace…how fearsome!

Urara: Eh…Th…This is?!

Soma: Hehe…So this is what you were talking about, Nakiri.


Erina: If you get crushed by an overwhelming power, then it’s nothing but a meaningless defeat.

Erina: But, if we manage to cut the opponent’s stamina and concentration, then it’s not the case anymore!

Erina: This will increase the chance of the other fighters to win their battles!

Erina: Then a defeat can be turned to a win! This is how the soldiers in this regiment de cuisine should behave!

[Flashback over]

Erina: It’s true that we lost! But we won’t let this defeat be wasted!

Erina: In fact, this will connect to our only hope! And we will succeed the hope that was left for us!

Erina: It’s still connected! Our “Regiment”

Rebels: She’s right…We can still do it! Our chance of winning is still alive…!

Saitou: Well then…what now Tsukasa. How long will you need to recover?

Tsukasa: Just by resting tonight won’t bring my energy back…I will likely need the full day tomorrow.

Souma: (The full day tomorrow…!)

Nene helps out Rindou

Tsukasa: Rindou may need even more than that. Her opponent was Megishima after all…She probably had it hardest among us 3.

Rindou: What did you say! I’m already back to my best! Don’t underestimate me okay!

Saitou: We get it, so stop talking.

Isshiki looks at Erina: (She won’t faze and thinks about our triumph. She truly looks like a captain now.)

Kuga: Ahhhhhhh. I’m so depressed!!! I thought I could win this time!

Erina: Eh…! But you contributed more than enough already!

Kuga: Stop comforting me!

Kuga: Yukihira chin I’m tired! Massage!

Soma: Usu! (Yes)

Kuga: Wipe my sweat.

Soma: Usu!

Kuga: I’m thirsty! Tea! Hurry up please.

Soma: Ahm…I can only give you the tea that Tsukasa senpai right away…

Kuga drinks up Tsukasa’s tea.

Kuga: Well…I was able to see Tsukasa-san’s troubled face and was able to cause enough trouble to him. So I guess I can call it OK for today!

Tsukasa: Ah, Yukihira! So I won’t fight tomorrow.

Tsukasa: If you really want to fight me then it’s best for you to drop out too…This should increase your chances.

Tsukasa: But we also have 4 left so I’m not too sure if I will be your opponent.

Soma: Nope! I will fight tomorrow.

Soma: I’m here with my team to win! And after we get Tootsuki, I can challenge you as many as times I wish! What I need to do right now is….Cause chaos and take away your fighting powers and leave it to Isshiki Senpai and Nakiri!

Soma: Am I right?

Tadokoro: Yes!

Soma: In the 3rd bout, the 3 of us first years will fight. So take good care of us!

Soma: By the way, Senpai…Can we decide tomorrow's matchups now?



08-23-2017, 07:50 PM
hidden cuts huh? I'll need to see it to fully believe it but I expected something like this

exhaustion plot? way too convenient :avashock

looks like no explanation for the Rindou/Megishima match though

King Yama
08-23-2017, 07:54 PM
So monsters who could make thousands of dishes in a day in a restaurant setting gets exhausted with a one dish match, am I supposed to seriously take this in?

08-23-2017, 08:18 PM
So monsters who could make thousands of dishes in a day in a restaurant setting gets exhausted with a one dish match, am I supposed to seriously take this in?in a high class restaurant, it's typically an assembly line: you have the head chef and sous chef to handle the most important parts of the dishes while you have specialized people handle specific smaller tasks


while I think it's bs Eishi needs a whole day to recharge, this shokugeki isn't exactly a walk in the park even for someone of his caliber

King Yama
08-23-2017, 08:55 PM
A single dish taking any significant amount of stamina from these chefs is not something I'd believe. Especially what the freshmen showed during the working for other restaurant phase. Specialized dishes or not.

08-23-2017, 09:17 PM
you do know that Erina was being the usual dictator, Megumi was just washing dishes, Arato was doing accounting and some server duties with Souma and Souma himself wasn't cooking full dishes from scratch for customers at Shino's but was a line cook like in that link I provided right?

None of them were prepping and cooking full shokugekis against elite 10 caliber opponents which has more concentration and stress. Hell, Mimasaka should've dropped dead at the end of this match :kanyeshrug