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Histoire will eat Megishima’s Ramen, and Sharma will eat Mimasaka’s Sushi.

Sharma’s appetite is stirred up by the sight of the "roasted" Sushi.

Histoire is hooked by the small bowel that has a red paste inside.

And Ann will eat Kuga’s dish.

Both Histoire and Sharma wear a “Hentai Mask” and a swimsuit and praise the dishes of the rebels.

Sharma’s explanation on the Sushi:

Sharma: All of the Sushi are delicious but what really got me is the “Nouten Aburi Yaki” and the way you spectacularly cooked it with straw and grass.

It’s a top class part of Tsuna and sold with a high price and you managed to elegantly broil it with oil.

The fishy smell apparent in seafood is also erased because you roasted it with straw and only the pure smell is left, which satisfies both the tongue and the nose.

Sharma follows by reaching the Gunkan Maki.

Mimasaka’s arranged it by placing the “Merengue” on the Negitoro.

On this Gunkan Maki, Mimasaka used the sauce that he gave to Kuga.

That gave the Tuna a different way to shine and created created a great contrast between the Negitoro and Merengue.

You should name it “The Ultimate Negitoro Tamago Kake Gohan Gunkan Maki”

Next: Analysis on the Ramen:

Megishima used an seasnoning called “Harissa” that was discovered in Northern Africa.

It’s the seasoning Jouichiro once showed to Soma at the Polar Dorm.

The soup is called Chicken muamba.

And he applied the spicy Harissa into the soup.

Histoire greatly praises Megishima’s dish and days that he successfully created a Ramen that doesn’t exist anywhere.

Next: Ann’s analysis on Kuga’s dish.

According to Ann, this dish should be named “KurozuButa”

Kuga used Black and Balsamic vinegar and the smoked soya sauce made by Mimasaka.

He abandoned the common notion about “Sweet and sour pork” and connected the sourness and richness of the pork and successfully avoided making the pork greasy.

But Kuga managed to still ensure that the green tea is the protagonist of his dish.

He also implemented technique used in French cooking.

In Kuga’s black vinegar sauce, he used a sauce called “vinaigrette au vinaigre balsamique”.

Kuga: Since I lost to Tsukassan, I have been forever ever ever eveeeeer combatting to change my cooking.

Kuga: Today I will win against Eishi Tsukasa…and I will never make you say “Who’s Kuga” again.

Tsukasa: You truly have changed. I’m impressed.

Before the dishes get cold, the judges finish up the dishes of the elite ten as well.

Ann’s reaction is different than before and she freezes.

Tsukasa: This time, can you eat the Puree together with soup?

Ann: Wa…Wait…if I get more stimulated than now…

But Tsukasa insists that the dish wouldn’t be complete and forces her to take a second bite.

Ann faints.

The judging finishes.

Tsukasa: Well Yukihira, will you be the next to come at us? What are you going to do?

Tsukasa: I’m sorry? You took so much effort to get your friends together.

Soma glances at Tsukasa with strict eyes.

Central win 3-0.


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judging finishes all in one chapter and central gets the 3-0 sweep? oh man, recipe for a hurried and terrible chapter :sag

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Megishima lost, eh?

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Bruh :ava

King Yama
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This is gonna be good.

I wonder what Great Potato will say this chapter.

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This is gonna be good.

I wonder what Great Potato will say this chapter.https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/t_original/a9yoy2yewqdqdhygdjto.gif

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Really disappointed Megishima lost. In the 5 chapters he's had panel time he has dominated all scenes and become one of my favorite characters alongside Kurokiba. Expected though.

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that's disappointing

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I thought mimasaka might win but thats it. Not surprised by the result. Rindou is better than megishima like i expected. Feels a bit rushed though

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That was a great chapter. About time they sped up the pacing. Last thing I'd want is for the next 3 or 4 chapters consisting of different reactions from each bout on an obvious result.

For the first time in a while, I'm actually excited for the next chapter. I honestly have no idea how Soma will win this without an asspull of some sort.