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04-23-2017, 06:37 PM
By James Clavell.

Anyone read this? I've only read the first 250 pages, but :whew

It focuses on my two favourite parts of history: European colonization and the Sengoku period.

It was recommended to me and the latest string of chapters have been intense. I've been enjoying it from the start, and I'm glad there's so much left to read.

It's like a novel following the 48 Laws of Power. So many treacherous bastards, but I want them to live cos it's so fascinating seeing such ruthless and sociopathic thinking. :ava

It's also taught me a lot about samurai. I loved playing Shogun Total War, but if the novel reflects reality, I never comprehended how little samurai valued their own lives and just how honourable they found Seppeku. I don't think I can explain how casually and unhesitatingly certain characters kill themselves in this.