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Popularity Poll Results:
1) Erina (3350 votes)
2) Hisako (3081)
3) Alice (3042)
4) Soma (2795)
5)Megumi (1862)
6) Shinomiya (1669)
7) Rindou (1353)
8) Takumi (1207)
9) Nikumi (743)
10) Hayama (737)

​Shokugeki no Soma 203 Spoiler: (translated by MNS MangaNetabareSpoiler.com (http://www.manganetabarespoiler.com/manga-spoiler/shokugeki-no-soma-203-spoiler))
Senzaemon: Now both teams will taste each other's dish and this will signal the end of this fight!

Senzaemon then tells the students to point to the dish that was superior. Soma and Erina point at Team Dojima's dish and Takumi and Megumi point at Team Saiba's dish.

The crowd is slightly panicking as the "God's Tongue" is pointing at the opponent's dish. Erina says that the taste, the smell, and the visual impression of Team Dojima's is in extreme high quality. In contrast, their dish isn't on the level, and she regrets that they didn't have enough time to taste their own dish beforehand.

But Takumi doesn't agree with Erina's words. He then goes on to describe Team Saiba's Hachis Parmentier

Soma realized Jouichiro's intent to wrap up potato into the Crepe Dough, so Soma used cheese, potato and Chirimen Jako to make a "Pomme Galette" and wrap that into the crepe. Which brought both "softness" and "crispiness" that one would usually not be able to taste in a Hachis Parmentier. Additionally, Erina's steak cooked with Bordeaux wine were sliced into the shape of a dice and then wrapped up into the crepe.

Erina then explains that it was a thought process she never had but Soma, Megumi, and Takumi praise Erina for showing a lot of joy while cooking, which makes Erina blush. Senzaemon has a big smile on his face.

Sezaemon: In order to have perfect teamwork in the Regiment De Cuisine, it is hugely important to realize the strength each team member has. The numerous challenges one needed to overcome to reach this stage...And you all were able to once again reaffirm this now...Looks like our first objective has been achieved with this fight!

Senzaemon: It was a very interesting dish Erina! You looked like you had a lot of fun!

Erina: (You as well, Grandpa!?) It's just that the two provoked me into this. Usually, I would never do such a thing...

Senzaemon: Yes...That's how the both of them always interacted with each other. It must be a part of their life to fight like that. That's why in this fight, he (Soma) was able to present his dish to Jouichiro without any fear!

Erina: ...But how can someone do that to their parent....I would think that such act would cause trouble, and I would refrain from acting like a spoilt child...

Senzaemon: Why don't you act like a spoilt child for once?!

Erina: ...Grandpa?

Senzaemon: You two are father and child...You also have to learn to act occasionally like a self-centered child, Erina.

Senzaemon's words make Erina think

Next Day: Azami, Tsukasa, and Rindou gather at the meeting place


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Erina getting the #1 spot :hhh

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Popularity Poll Results:
1) Erina (3350 votes)
2) Hisako (3081)
3) Alice (3042)


7) Rindou (1353)

8) Takumi (1207)
how the mighty have fallen

anyways, sounds like a chapter GP and Mak will really hate based on the dialogue but tbh, really Senzaemon? She's been acting like a spoiled child for the better half of this series at the very least. :avashock

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Why is Shinomiya still so up there? :grr

Where's Hinako?! :catcry