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Series of Origin: Bleach
Classification: Shinigami
Age: Over 100yrs old
Standard Equipment: Zanpakuto
Destructive Capacity: Town Level | City Level
Durability: Town Level | City Level
Speed: Hypersonic+ | Massively Hypersonic
Lifting Strength: Superhuman
Striking Strength: Class GJ | Class PJ
Stamina: High
Weaknesses: She can only lower her temperature to Absolute Zero for a small period of time without harming herself and once she activates Bankai she has to let herself slowly melt or she risks harming herself
Powers and Abilities:

Sode no Shirayuki(袖白雪, Sleeved White Snow)- Shikai

Before realizing her Sode no Shirayuki's true nature, Rukia's Shikai ability was to freeze things from a distance using her Zanpakuto as a conduct.

Some no Mai, Tsukishiro(初の舞・月白, First Dance, White Moon)-Rukia calls out the name of the dance while holding her Zanpakutō upside down. The blade glows, and she makes a slashing motion when her target is in position. When she does this, she draws a circle with the tip of Sode no Shirayuki. The space within that circle and anything inside freezes. The circle not only freezes the ground, but everything within the circle's influence, including anything above it in the air, creating an extending pillar of light which freezes all within the circle. Shortly after being frozen, the victim shatters along with the ice.The ice pillar will not shatter if the victim is not caught within it.

Tsugi no Mai, Haukren(次の舞・白漣, Next Dance, White Ripple)-Rukia, calling out the name of the dance, punctures the ground once, creating a large ice circle, similar to the first dance. She punctures the ground in front of her four times in a semi circle. As ice particles begin to flow up from the punctures she made in the ground, she takes a battle stance. The particles, building up at the tip of Sode no Shirayuki, are released as a large, powerful avalanche of cold air. It flash freezes whatever it comes into contact with, encasing it in ice.

San no Mai, Shirafune(参の舞・白刀, Third Dance, White Sword)-Rukia calls out the name of the dance, which allows her to gather moisture in the air to the tip of Sode no Shirayuki, creating a blade of ice. This makes it possible to augment the length of the blade. After piercing its target, it continues to freeze any surrounding objects and the immediate area.

Ice Rope Connection-If Rukia can't reach her sword, she can create an ice extension to connect her hand to the sword hilt, which allows her to use Sode no Shirayuki's Shikai abilities at a distance

Sode no Shirayuki's true ability is to lower the temperature of Rukia's body to below freezing, which causes things that touch her to freeze. While using this ability the molecules inside of Rukia are suspended and she only moves through the use of her Reishi. Because of this she is technically dead while using this. The lowest she can lower her temperature is Absolute Zero although she can only maintain this for 4 seconds.


Bankai- Hakka no Togame((白霞罸, Censure of the White Haze; Viz "White Haze Punishment")

Hakka no Togame increases the area of influence of Rukia's ability to reach the temperature of absolute zero. Upon release, a pillar of cold mist rises up into the air from where Rukia is and covers a wide area in her vicinity. Anything within the area of influence of the mist is frozen. Once frozen solid, victims crumble away within seconds. Physical contact with Rukia herself causes other people to begin freezing solid because of how cold she is.

Kido(Demon Arts)-A form of Shinigami combat that is based on advanced spells that are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories: Hadō (Way of Destruction) for direct attacks, and Bakudō (Way of Binding) for battle support. It is one of the techniques in the Zankensoki, the group of Shinigami primary combat skills. Kidō spells are triggered by an incantation. Experienced users can trigger them without an incantation, though the effectiveness of the spell will be diminished.
Bakudo #1 Sai(塞, Restrain): Weak spell that locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

Bakudo #4: Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope)- Binds enemies with a Reishi (http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Reishi) rope to stop their movement. Generating a crackling yellow energy rope within his/her hand(s), the practitioner throws it toward the opponent. The energy winds around the opponent's arms and body, immobilizing them

Bakudō #61: Rikujōkōrō (Six-Staff Light Prison)- Summons six thin, wide beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The target is then unable to move any part of their body including the parts that were not struck by the beams Rukia cannot cast this Kido without incantation.
Hado #73 Soren Sokatsui- Doubled, more advanced version of Sōkatsui. Rukia places her palms together and releases a more wider and intense blast of blue energy. Rukia cannot cast this Kido without incantation.

Hado #4: Byakurai- Rukia casts a concentrated bolt of lightning from her finger.

Hado #33: Sokatsui-Spell that releases a burst of blue energy from Rukia's palm.

Shunpo- A high-speed movement technique used by Shinigami.

Pre-TimeSkip | Post Royal Guard Training

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