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05-09-2016, 01:22 AM
Dis shit be about fate and stuff

The streets are cold, whose night that rides on the journeyman's shore.
Stringing together looms of forgotten street lights, yearning for more.
Trapped by these hands, mingling in filth, on an endless city block.
A canyon of souls, sifting through the shale, meager forgotten rocks.
Held on to strings, tethered to his will, and bound by time.
Breaking at the levee bound, for shattered shale keeps us blind.
And laughing pure, the sins of man, the journeyman keeps them bound.
Searching just to fill the void, these diamonds of rough that canít be found.
Ride on lost souls, through the bitter cold.
I hasten thee,
Ride on.

The sea it holds the bounds of men, fighting for freedom from the tides that roll.
Broken not by the sea that strikes, not by the crest shaven soul.
Greenish foam of mint and emerald, holding dreams clasped tight in fateís hand.
And the sirenís embezzling call, not the dreams of man, but luciferís band.
Crashing with force, the storm canít cease, given to the death of the brave.
The journeymen watch with sighs of guilt, as they know they cannot help.
Keen death of woe, from dust to dust within the sea, fathoming the grave
Resurgence keen, they rise above to scream the world abound.
The journeyman laugh, stripped not of pride, in the bleakness they have found.
Ride on lost souls, through ages old.
I beg of thee,
Ride on.

The Journeymen waiting of the voids true edge, planning to siege the souls.
Their hearts are bleak, spirits weak, and love for life is cold.
Repent oh souls who follow in the Journeymanís wake. .
Know my words, heed these things, for these men are fake.
Fervor still, in this cruel life, know these tombs are wrought in truth and lie.
Know that time will conquer all except itself, all lies that fight through time.
Ride on lost souls, that time shall know.
I warn of thee,
Ride on.

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will give this a read soon, meant to much earlier... but I'm quite the procrastinator :maybe