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05-04-2016, 07:44 AM
It's a tie between Part 3 & 4 for me. :avachan

05-04-2016, 07:52 AM
Part 7 and Part 4 are the Best part no Challenge :avachan

but part 8 is right behind and then maybe 2 behind that one

05-04-2016, 09:46 AM
Part 3 for now

05-04-2016, 10:17 AM
Part 3 for now

Get to reading or watching :avashock

05-04-2016, 10:20 AM
Get to reading or watching :avashock
Tell the anime to hurry up so i can watch it :avashock

05-04-2016, 11:11 AM
Yeah I love Part 7. I especially love the Wacky Races-feel it had at the beginning, I would've been happy if it just stayed like that for the entire part without all the Valentine stuff.

05-04-2016, 05:32 PM
Overall I'd probably say 4. 7 is definitely close, but I'm not a fan of alot of the stands.

Emperor Rai
05-04-2016, 05:34 PM
I expect great things from SBR, too bad im not there yet. For now its part 3.

05-04-2016, 05:35 PM
Part 4, because even the minor characters were useful like Arnold the Dog(helping Reimi in sending Kira to hell).

05-04-2016, 05:36 PM
I expect great things from SBR, too bad im not there yet. For now its part 3.

Then just wait for "it's a Beautiful Duwang" :makichan

Ink Spot
05-04-2016, 11:42 PM
Part 4 and 7. 5, 6 and 8 are not so far behind them. But I have to see how 8 ends before I can really judge it.

05-05-2016, 01:57 AM
Part 7. Best art and writing imo.

05-11-2016, 09:01 PM
My top 3 parts are
Part 2
Part 4
Part 7

05-12-2016, 05:13 PM
might as well rank all of them. ordered from best to worst

part 4 - hands down the best pace and villain in the series. almost every arc flowed fantastically and araki somehow managed to breath life into morioh, which would sound really unforgiving and boring on paper

part 7 - the highest peaks of the series in quality. when part 7 does something right, it does it in brilliant fashion. see the ringo/blackmore fights, the expense that araki managed to build with lucy trying to go essentially vs. the entire world.. however, it lags behind part 4 in terms of flow. it tends to lose itself at times in my opinion.

part 2 - good flow, very cool dynamics between caesar and joseph and developing the ripple made this a very enjoyable part for me. stroheim and the nazi squad were very interesting additions, especially because araki actually handled them in a very mature way (outside of having stroheim slaughter numerous civilians in his introduction :lmao ). also has one of the coolest fights in the series with joseph vs. wamuu, although it is very HNK-esque so that's probably just preference on my part.

part 1 and part 3 - more or less on the same level for me. part 1 was a nice part and it did a great job of depicting dio in the most despicable light imaginable. however, it is definitely jojo's cookie-cutter part. there's nothing wrong with this because part 1 does almost everything excellently (and the original zeppeli is a complete baller), however it was not jojo's bizarre adventure at that point yet.

part 3 introduced the stands. i actually think there isn't really a whole lot you can talk about with part 3. it had some cool characters - polnareff, hol horse, the d'arbys, vanilla ice to name my favorites - but i think this is by far the worst part in terms of pacing. it had some decent peaks, but there were times where i actually found the groups adventure through the desert tedious, which never happened again for me in jojo.

i have to give it to araki that the dynamics of jotaro and crew were fucking great, though. pure manliness.

part 5: has my favorite designs in the entire series, although it also has the most wasted potential bar none imo. i am a gigantic fan of mafia/crime syndicate premises, and i feel like giorno, bruno and crew turned deserters way too fast. what they did show from the passione was phenomenal and it oozed coolness. araki jumped ship with that plotline way too fast for my tastes.

doppio/diavolo also wasn't up to my tastes and is a weak villain for jojo standards. there simply wasn't enough behind him other than "evil mastermind" and his twin personality gimmick. i also thought that the reveal that the man closest to the boss of the passione was the boss himself was incredibly cliché and lame, especially for jojo standards. that's the sort of thing i'd expect of a formulaic series that tried to be creative, but not from jojo.

part 6: i actively disliked this part, and while i wasn't really bored reading it (probably because fucking everything goes to shit left and right), this is the only part of jojo where i skipped pages. i think part 6 fails on all fronts, to be honest.

the only exception is pucci. i'll give it to araki, pucci was a tight motherfucker.

can't rate (yet): part 8

from what we've seen, this part is fantastic and so far it's probably up there with 4 & 7 for me. however, jojolion probably hasn't even entered its second third. there's so much left for araki to develop, it would be simply unfair for the other parts to rank this (yet).

it has not disappointed in the least so far, though.

05-12-2016, 05:49 PM
Might as well copy-paste my original review to here

Part 1: Overall it's pretty average. The high point of this part is Dio who's an amazing villain, but Jonathan is kinda dull and the art isn't nearly as good as other parts. But it's the starting point so I can be more forgiving.
Grade: B

Part 2: Significantly better than Part 1. The main villains aren't as memorable as Dio, but Joseph is a big step up character-wise from Jonathan, and the fights are much more interesting due to Joesph's cunning and trickery. Also Caesar/Joseph is a great duo.
Grade: B+

Part 3: The first part with Stands, which make for much better fights since everyone has a unique style. The calm and collected Jotaro is my favourite Jojo, the main cast are cool and get quality of panel-time. It can get a bit repetitive (arrive in new city, find new stand user, defeat stand user, rinse and repeat) but the final fight is my favourite ending to any of the parts.
Grade: A-

Part 4: It does some things better and some things worse than P3. Josuke's a good protagonist (not as good as Jotaro), but Kira is easily my favourite antagonist of the series. The things this guy does is downright despicable, I wanted him to die so bad. Staying in one town for the whole part was refreshing since you got to know Morioh so well and it feels like a real town with real people. Overall I preferred P3 a little more, but this is still a solid addition to the series.
Grade: B+

Part 5: Perhaps my least favourite part. Giorno is the least interesting of all the Jojos IMO, and the final villain wasn't rally up to par either. Giorno's group are interesting though and have some of the most intense and creative fights in the whole series. But this is the point where Stands gets grossly overpowered and sometimes it feels like the protagonists are just barely scaring by due to PIS.
Grade: B-

Part 6: This is apparently the most divisive part among fans. I liked Jolyne because she got good character development from start to finish, the prison setting was new and exciting, the final villain was a step up from P5 and got a pretty good backstory. The ending was freaking wild but I count it as a positive since it opened new doors for the series to continue on from here. Overall it felt like mostly everything was better than P5.
Grade: B

Part 7: My favourite part, without a doubt. The race-across-the-continent is an amazing concept and a great way to bring all the characters together and have them interact. The main cast is smaller than usual, but Johnny and Gyro are a hilarious duo. I would've been happy for the entire part to be focused solely on the race (Wacky Races style) but the 'Corpse' and 'Devil Palm' were cool ways to re-introduce Stands. The art is also at its peak here and I was engrossed from start to finish.
Grade: A

05-18-2016, 07:44 PM
Just finished Part 6

Emperio beating Pucci is like Komatsu beating NEO/Midora/Joa, Konohamaru defeating Kaguya, Romeo defeating Zeref, Coby defeating Teach...

05-18-2016, 08:46 PM
Did anyone here read the iffy part 5 translation here :hmm

05-18-2016, 08:54 PM
Yeah, Part 5 is gonna be great once its animated.

Since David has been adding filler in DIU, hopefully we get some filler about shipping Trish and Mista :maybe.

05-18-2016, 08:57 PM
Yeah, Part 5 is gonna be great once its animated.

Since David has been adding filler in DIU, hopefully we get some filler about shipping Trish and Mista :maybe.

Yeah I still think part 5 has the best action to be honest :maybe

oh so you like that pairing I see I see

though I have some old and original Shounen jump from 1990 with Vento aureo on the cover so that's hype :catgrin

05-18-2016, 11:16 PM
That moment when Mista in Trish body wanting to scratch his crotch because of the tight underwear :laugh...

05-21-2016, 03:45 PM