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02-04-2016, 06:43 AM
Souma and Megumi are watching a shokugeki
>Challenger: I've been improving myself all this time at Tootsuki!
>"groups that placed high in the total rankings for the Moon Festival"

>Azami's goons are plowing through the challengers in the other arenas as well
>Team Azami showing off their overwhelming power
>Momo makes a clean sweep, so does Eizan
>Eizan thought he was going to be dismissed after losing to Souma but Azami fans his anger and tells him he's counting on Eizan, Eizan remembers this with irritation
>A band of four appears before him,"your rigged match failed so we'll handle this instead! Just stand back and watch, Eizan!
>They ridicule Eizan and he couldn't even respond
>The band of four racks up shokugeki victories, and says something like "Fodder who weren't selected by Central must obey!"
>Takumi and Souma couldn't let that one go and confront them. End.





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Incoming Takumi hype