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Great Potato
06-20-2014, 02:06 AM
This is a section for discussion and debate about worldly topics and issues. Casual talk like a topic about your favorite foods would be more suited for the general Café, while spam threads belong in the EZ.

Due to the nature of this section we will be more lenient with some rules and less with others. As the section features a lot of debate on real issues, things can get pretty heated, which is okay, but actively flaming or flame-baiting is not allowed and could result in a warning if we feel you are disrupting the thread.

There will be more leeway for graphic material in this section as long as it relates to the topic at hand. For instance, a graphic picture of an abused dog could be considered too disturbing for the café and could result in punishment, but if it's in a thread discussing the topic of animal abuse then it would be more acceptable, though you're still expected to give warning as not everyone may want to see it. There are still limits however, pornography is off limits, and if an image is considered too violent, disturbing, or offensive then you can still receive punishment (stuff like shock videos of torture or execution for instance are prohibited).

Keep it civil and enjoy the section!