View Full Version : What would be the ideal Toriko video game?

Doc Q
05-29-2013, 10:57 AM
Toriko's video games have been pretty shitty up 'till this point. What would you guys like to see?

Pitch your ideas for the perfect Toriko game here.

05-29-2013, 11:10 AM
I always say with long manga like Toriko, Naruto, Bleach, OP or whatever, it should be a pokemon type game with a pretty linear story line. The characters should level up and learn new moves as they get stronger. Would be epic.

05-29-2013, 11:26 AM
I'd say MMORPG, because the world of Toriko suits it perfectly, and is vast enough to have any ideas. However, the power levels would throw that idea out of whack.

PZ's idea is great.

05-29-2013, 12:27 PM
A third-person shooter IMO.

05-29-2013, 02:17 PM
Third person RPG game where you have the option to play as toriko or any of the good guys. Perhaps introduce a co-op system so that you can play with friends that make the game a lot more enjoyable.

You follow the main story line but there is an open world aspect where you can ride on terry or some shit and run all over the place. Discover new ingredients/gear to level up.

Clean mechanics when it comes to fighting, also make it fast paced so that it isn't boring

05-29-2013, 03:14 PM
Third person RPG game where you have the choice of bishoukuya or chef. Also that it is possible to team up with other players online to form combos. As well oneline that you can trade various ingredients or dishes either other players.

Maybe an MMORPG where you get quests.

In terms of combat. Maybe something like God of War. Where you can button mash smaller beasts but have quick time events agasint the larger beasts.

05-29-2013, 03:21 PM
Sandbox single-player action/RPG. Play as Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra, Teppei, Starjun, Tommyrod or Grinpatch. Your character affects your disposition toward the world (i.e. the Bishokukai are feared, Toriko is loved, Sunny viewed as high-and-mighty but respected, Zebra induces a mixture of fear and respect). 3rd person view is the basic perspective, but with an option for 1st person for the sake of immersion (it would really need to be 3rd person primarily for combat purposes). Search freely for foods and beasts in a gigantic (non-level scaled, scaling sucks) world with vastly diverse environments and wildlife. Find ways to traverse hazardous areas with the help of both human and beast allies. Combat akin to Kingdom Hearts II: you do lots of damage but also take a lot, fast and smooth, flashy and beautiful but in constant control, many options for dodging and blocking if you've got the skill and many special abilities which are all useful in their own unique ways.

Then again this is pretty much my ideal anything video game. How I wish Skyrim's combat was actually good...

The Big King
05-29-2013, 03:45 PM
I only like playing fighting animes in the form of fighting games, meaning a game like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm.

05-29-2013, 09:56 PM
A Toriko game with Kingdom Hearts combo mechanics would be the best for me.

Live Fast Eat Ass
05-29-2013, 09:59 PM
Cooking Mama

05-29-2013, 10:09 PM
Like Jinbe, i would like a versus game like Naruto Storm, BUT, done well. Storm has a lot to improve, and it keeps getting worse each game (at least in terms of gameplay mechanics).
but the most ideal for me would be one with a Story Mode (moving around, exploring areas, gathering ingredients) and a Versus Mode (like that of a 'properly done' Storm game).