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  1. [Battle] Kanki vs Tou
  2. Rinko vs. Kyou kai(no priestess dance or breath tech.)
  3. Moubu vs. Kanmei
  4. Ouhun vs. Mouten
  5. Ouki or Renpa
  6. Rank these characters in Order of Strongest to Weakest(Martial abillity)
  7. Rank these characters in Intellect
  8. Rank these characters in overall abillity
  9. Weakest person that can trade blows with Houken
  10. Rank these characters In overall abillity
  11. Kanki or Karin
  12. Official Kingdom Tier List
  13. Kanki Army vs Ousen Army
  14. Duke Hyou vs. Karin
  15. Yotanwa vs. Houken(broken arm)
  16. Duke Hyou vs. Tou
  17. Strongest person that Shin can defeat
  18. Ouhun vs. Shin
  19. Kingdom Official Feats Thread
  20. Qin vs Zhou
  21. Mouten vs. Futei
  22. Tou vs Kanmei
  23. Ouhun vs. Kai shi bou
  24. Kai Shi Bou vs. Rin Bu Kun
  25. Shin vs. Byakuya Kouyoku
  26. Kyou vs. Karin
  27. Rank the new generation in overall abillity
  28. Army Challenge
  29. Riboku vs. Shin
  30. How big is the gap?
  31. Rank the States in Millitary power
  32. Renpa vs Kanmei
  33. Moubu vs Houken
  34. Current Houken vs. Ouki
  35. Kanki vs. Rinko
  36. Renpa vs. Houken
  37. Hi Shin Unit vs.Gyou Hou Unit
  38. Rinko vs. Mougou
  39. Tou vs Rinko
  40. Duke Hyou vs Kyoukai
  41. Weakest person that can defeat Futei
  42. Mougou vs Choutou
  43. Welcome to the Kingdom Battledome!
  44. Karin vs. Ousen
  45. Mougou vs. Ouhon
  46. Shin and Ouhon vs. Rinko and Rinbunkun
  47. Ousen vs. Duke Hyou
  48. Ouki vs. Moubu
  49. Ogiko vs Ryuusen
  50. Hakurei and Rinbunkun vs. Rinko and Kyou En
  51. Rank the Coalition Generals in overall ability
  52. Yuuren vs. Tou
  53. Tou vs. Shin and Ouhon
  54. Qin General Battle Royale
  55. Houken Army vs Mougou Army
  56. Moubu vs Renpa
  57. Mouten, Shin, and Ouon vs 4HK without Renpa
  58. Ouhon vs. Rinko
  59. Shin vs. one armed Tou
  60. Shin vs Houken
  61. Ouki takes the Gauntlet
  62. Ouhon vs. Kyou
  63. Strongest Character That Kyou Kai can defeat
  64. Who's strong enough to defeat Houken(Zhao war)
  65. Ouki vs Ousen
  66. Team Riboku vs Team Renpa
  67. Shihaku vs. Tou
  68. Shoumou vs Kaishibou
  69. Gaimou vs. Moubu
  70. Shin vs. Karin
  71. Gaimou Vs Shihaku
  72. Rinko vs. Mougou
  73. Shun the Horse wants to be a Great General of the Heavens
  74. Moubu and Houken Run gauntlet.
  75. Shin vs. Earl Shi
  76. Chu gets attacked by the coalition army.
  77. Team Pencil Pushers versus Team Meatheads
  78. Renpa + Pillars vs Coalition Generals
  79. Mougou Army vs Wei rematch
  80. Clubs versus Elephants
  81. Zhao dream team versus Coalition army Qin
  82. Hi Shin Unit vs Kanmei's Giant Troops
  83. Current Shin vs Duke Hyou
  84. Mouten vs Earl Shi
  85. How many Shins does it take...
  86. Gekishin versus Riboku
  87. Tou's third Wei war army versus...
  88. Kyoukai vs. Gaimou
  89. Ouhon is significantly stronger than Shin
  90. Ouhon versus Futei
  91. Dual wielders showdown
  92. Ouhon takes Shin's place in the Coalition war
  93. Mougou vs. Gaimou
  94. Renpa vs Four Heavenly Kings
  95. Shin vs Hi Shin Unit
  96. Would a perfect Zhao survive a coalition war?
  97. How in the world did Kanmei one shot Oukotsu?
  98. Gekishin vs Rinbukun
  99. Qin vs Moubu
  100. Mougou vs Gekishin
  101. Moubu versus Houken v.2
  102. Poison dogs versus Kanmei's giant cavalry
  103. Yuuren's bitches versus Poison Cats
  104. Duke Hyou vs Gaimou
  105. Duke Hyou vs Ousen
  106. Ouki and Duke vs Tou and Renpa
  107. Bajio versus Kyoukai
  108. Does size matter?
  109. Tou vs Gaimou
  110. Yotanwa and Baijo vs Kanmei
  111. Unshackled Houken vs Earl Shi, Gaimou, and Ranbihaku
  112. Shin and Ouhon vs Renpa
  113. Strongest General Choutou can defeat?
  114. Shin vs Yuuren's assassins
  115. Yuuren vs Sword Kanmei
  116. Yotanwa vs Kyou
  117. Kanmei versus Houken
  118. Gakujou vs Gekishin
  119. Shouheikun vs Renpa
  120. Mougou army vs Kanmei army
  121. Kanmei vs Renpa
  122. Interest check: Attribute Ratings
  123. Tou versus Moubu
  124. Wei chariots versus Poison Dogs
  125. Attribute ratings tier list
  126. Top Stats
  127. Gokei versus Gohoumei
  128. Riboku vs Shouheikun
  129. Houken's Horse vs Asian Elephant
  130. Gekishin vs Shouheikun
  131. Rankai versus Hi Shin unit's strongest
  132. Shin vs Moubu
  133. Kyou versus Duke Hyou
  134. Best in each stat?
  135. Fights/Duels Tier List
  136. Tou versus Kouyoku
  137. Fodder killing competition
  138. Kyou versus Earl Shi
  139. En versus Sosui
  140. Moubu vs Houken
  141. If Hakuki's strategy/tactics is 100
  142. If Oukotsu's brute strength is 100
  143. Rinko vs Rinbukun
  144. If Qin's battle strength is 100
  145. If Duke Hyou took Tou's position in the coalition war...
  146. If Shin's martial strength is 100 ...
  147. If Kyou's overall GG abilities are 100...
  148. Textbook vs Unorthodox
  149. Duke Hyou's instinct versus...
  150. If Duke Hyou's instinct is 100...
  151. Kyou versus Tou
  152. If Shin's martial strength is 100,
  153. If Ousen's defense is 100
  154. If the Ouki army during Bayou is 100 in strength
  155. If the Renpa-led Wei army was 100 in strength...
  156. Best counters for each general
  157. Sanyou Ouhon vs Rinko
  158. Hype battle: Hakuki versus Gakuki
  159. Best smart guy/dumb muscle duos
  160. Battle of the "cowards"
  161. Duke Hyou versus Renpa
  162. Match up problems
  163. Who's the weakest general that can break Rihaku's defense?
  164. If Duke Hyou's charging strength is 100...
  165. Asian Elephant vs Houken's Horse and Shun the Horse
  166. Shin vs Shin
  167. Ouhon vs Gokei
  168. What's the strongest character Gokei can beat?
  169. Hi Shin unit versus Gyoku Hou V.2
  170. Best strategical/tactical feats
  171. Kyou vs. Karin
  172. Value of generals
  173. Kanmei versus Rinbukun
  174. Asian Elephants vs Hi Shin Unit
  175. How much does one arm limit these characters?
  176. Ouki vs Moubu
  177. Killing 1,000 men
  178. Gokei vs Gohoumei
  179. Ousen vs. Yotanwa
  180. Heki vs Sei
  181. Gaimou vs Duke Hyou
  182. Current Shin vs Rinko
  183. Shin versus Gokei
  184. Houken versus mid-tiers
  185. Karin versus Kanmei
  186. Fodder killing competition version two
  187. The strongest characters to give Rinko ...
  188. Interest check: Tipping the scales game
  189. Yuuren vs Moubu
  190. Bakuya sword Kouyoku versus Gekishin
  191. Tipping the scales one
  192. Moubu wants to get some Elmers Glue
  193. Can any of the spear wielders in Kingdom do this?
  194. Tipping the scales two
  195. Shin vs Yuuren
  196. Gaku Ka vs. Gyoku Hou
  197. City gates versus Kanmei
  198. How good was Oukotsu?
  199. Yotanwa vs Ordo
  200. Tipping the scales three
  201. Most wanked characters
  202. Archers' weight
  203. Duke Hyou versus Yotanwa
  204. Was weight used in these fights?
  205. Houken vs Kanmei
  206. Kingdom's World Strongest Man
  207. Wei's Fire Dragon's stats
  208. Gekishin versus Duke Hyou
  209. Weight proportional to leadership?
  210. Same stat "differences"
  211. Mangoku vs Kanou
  212. If Yotanwa's mountain men are 100...
  213. What is more beneficial for a strategist to have?
  214. Ordo's instinct
  215. Houken vs Rankai
  216. Ouki vs Ousen&Kanki
  217. Ouki vs Young upstarts
  218. Ouki vs Renpa
  219. Kanki vs Duke Hyou
  220. Who can block and/or dodge Hakurei's arrows?
  221. Advantages of being mounted
  222. Mous versus the Ous
  223. Tipping the scales four
  224. Fodders killing Monster
  225. Riboku-less Bayou campaign
  226. How Strong is Heki?
  227. Moubu vs. Ousen
  228. Houken/Ouki first encounter stats
  229. Describe these generals' ways of waging war in one phrase/sentence
  230. Who's the best "trapper" general?
  231. Yotanwa versus HS/GH units
  232. Yotanwa vs Tou
  233. Diff of Battles
  234. Kanki vs Ousen
  235. Seikai versus Gohoumei
  236. Genbou versus Duke Hyou
  237. Renpa vs. Ouki
  238. Shin vs Yuuren
  239. What diff would the top of each GG organization win over the weakest GG?
  240. Archers and their martial stats
  241. Leadership stat top contenders
  242. Futei vs Rinko
  243. Tipping the scales five!
  244. Gekishin versus Ordo
  245. Gohoumei versus Riboku
  246. Shin and Ouhon run a gauntlet.
  247. How much stronger would Shin be if he had used a glaive from the start?
  248. Three-Way Battle: Hi Shin vs Gyoku Hou vs Gaku Ka
  249. Ryofui vs Shun the Horse
  250. Kaishibou versus Rokuomi