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  1. Kingdom
  2. Why You Should Read Kingdom.
  3. Kingdom Reading Log
  4. Best Battles
  5. Favorite character?
  6. Kingdom character stats
  7. Piao´s potential(spoiler alert)
  8. Favorite moment?
  9. History written by the victors
  10. Kingdom Anime Discussion Thread
  11. Mandate of Heaven
  12. The Ultimate Facts Thread on Kingdom Characters
  13. strategy vs. instinct
  14. The politics of Kingdom
  15. Who Will Shin marry?
  16. Zheng's children
  17. Character Discussion - Shin
  18. Main antagonist
  19. Will Shin learn how to use breath/chi?
  20. Xin = Sun Tzu?
  21. Which commander would you serve under?
  22. Ten
  23. Character Discussion - Kyoukai
  24. Thoughts on Kingdom
  25. Character discussion - Duke Hyou
  26. Shin's Next Promotion
  27. Six Great Generals of Qin
  28. How old will Shin be when he achieves his dream?
  29. Greatest Generals right now
  30. do you guys also think that...
  31. Character Discussion - King Sei
  32. Ryofuls Presence
  33. Character discussion - Kanki
  34. Kingdom - Guess the character
  35. The Little Things
  36. Glaive Training?
  37. Riboku One Shot
  38. When will we get more translations?
  39. Moubu Instinct and Strategy?
  40. The 3 heavens of Zhao
  41. Biggest problem for Qin
  42. Should we make a tier list
  43. Character discussion and analysis Moubu
  44. Cruelty or compassion
  45. The weight of a General
  46. how much generals will qin have left after this big war?
  47. Greatest Generals of Qin
  48. On chapter 20
  49. Character Discussion Tou
  50. Favorite Arc!
  51. Favorite Qin General Alive
  52. Will Ouhun get a promotion
  53. Where is Yotanwa, and the mountain people?
  54. Moubu Great General Level?
  55. [SPOILERS] Epic Moments
  56. better written character
  57. How far is the current generation From GG level
  58. Five treasured swords
  59. Favorite Coalition Army General
  60. (Spoilers) EPIC FIGHTS!!!!
  61. Character Discussion Ousen
  62. Ryu Fui's downfall
  63. Better written character: Renpa vs Mougou
  64. Kingdom Art Thread
  65. Popularity Poll-Shin
  66. Better written character: Mouten vs Ouhon
  67. Character Statistics -- Love 'em or Hate 'em?
  68. Popularity poll Sei
  69. The best diplomat and politician
  70. Better Written Character: Sei Kyo vs Kyou Kai
  71. Popularity Poll Ten!!
  72. Rank these Characters in Potential
  73. Would Ryu Fui be a greater king than Sei?
  74. Better Written Character Ou Ki vs. Riboku
  75. What would happen...
  76. Popularity Poll-Hyo
  77. What type of general is Kouen
  78. Better Written Character: Karin or Kanki
  79. Better written character Duke Hyou or Moubu
  80. What role will Qi play in the manga?
  81. Popularity Poll Ouki
  82. Whose background would you like to see the most?
  83. Things you would change about Kingdom
  84. Favorite thing about Kingdom
  85. Popularity Poll Riboku
  86. Houken is a beast
  87. Ouki is beast among beasts
  88. Moubu-Ousen-Kanki-Shin-Mouten-Ouhon
  89. Will Mouten and Ouhon surpass their fathers
  90. popularity Poll Houken
  91. Chinese names + trivia
  92. Best fights
  93. Questionable decisions by the Generals
  94. Kingdom Popularity Poll: Kanki
  95. Popularity Poll-Duke Hyou
  96. Top 7 Generals of All time
  97. Will Riboku be an EoS villain?
  98. Best written character in the manga
  99. WIll any of the Current GGs survive until EoS?
  100. Will Kanki ever become the Greatest Qin General?
  101. Will Sei go mad?
  102. Popularity Poll-Mougou
  103. How strong is Kouen
  104. The Kingdom Social Project
  105. End of Series Heki
  106. Ryofui Character Discussion.
  107. Your Favourite Character of Qin's Next Generation
  108. Popularity Poll-Mouten
  109. Will Shin develop Strategetically?
  110. When will Shin's generation blossom?
  111. Whose Army Has The Best Soldiers?
  112. When do characters reach their prime?
  113. Popularity Poll-Yotanwa
  114. Who will Qin battle next?
  115. Which Relationship Do You Want To See More Of?
  116. Kingdom official volumes and how to buy them
  117. Will the 6 GG system come back In Qin?
  118. Popularity Poll-Renpa
  119. Official Popularity Poll Index
  120. How the fuck is it possible?
  121. Who has impressed you the most in the Coalition War?
  122. Popularity Poll- Karin
  123. Can you Kouyoku do it again?
  124. Are Sword Users at a disadvantage?
  125. The Gap?
  126. How strong
  127. When will Shin start to use Ouki's Glaive
  128. Why is eveyone nuthugging Rinko?
  129. When Kingdom will end
  130. [Theory] Ousen will overthrow the Qi King
  131. Kyoukai And The Coalition War
  132. Qi's Army
  133. Strength vs. Knowledge
  134. Who can replicate Sei's feat?
  135. Welcome to the Kingdom Section
  136. Mountain Tribes
  137. Who will become a general first
  138. Kingdom chapters 355-357
  139. Will Qin form an alliance with Qi?
  140. What Countries/Eras would you like the author to focus on after Kingdom?
  141. Hurt And Heal: Qin Generals
  142. How strong are Denkaku and Kanshu?
  143. Is Mouten going to be really buff like Moubu
  144. When will Shin surpass Kyou Kai?
  145. If Mouten and Ouhon were promoted to the rank of General would they be competent?
  146. Kingdom Chapter360 - 362 Discussion Thread
  147. Is Kyoukai still limited by endurance?
  148. Who will be the first Great General Shin defeats?
  149. Assassins
  150. Kingdom Chapters 375-378
  151. When are we going to see Riboku again?
  152. Kingdom Video Game
  153. Favorite General Speech?
  154. Favorite Weapon?
  155. Rate the story arcs
  156. Shin's Glaive
  157. How Strong is Gaimou?
  158. Great Generals
  159. Why Riboku decided to crush Qin
  160. Will Shin defeat Gaimou?
  161. Conquering China
  162. Mouten's New Rank
  163. Worst character
  164. If you were a Kingdom character, who would you be?
  165. Portrayal of Female Characters[Kingdom]
  166. Favorite Antagonist
  167. Epic Moments!!!!
  168. Ouhon's Portrayal
  169. New Generation
  170. Strategic Generals
  171. Did the Wei Fire Dragons get weaker?
  172. Official Kingdom Character Discussion Thread
  173. Character Discussion: Riboku
  174. Is Shin's sword on the level of China's treasure blades?
  175. Is Otanwa GG level?
  176. Will Shin Get Another Promotion?
  177. Character Discussion: Mouten
  178. Wei Fire Dragons arc stat predictions
  179. When will Kyoukai become a general
  180. How much has Shin's instinct improved
  181. Will Qin Win This Battle?
  182. Was Rinko Great General level?
  183. Character Discussion: Renpa
  184. How well written are the Antagonist
  185. Character Discussion: Ouhon
  186. Character Discussion: Ouki
  187. How Will Shin Be Recognized
  188. Current Arc Discussion thread
  189. How many years till QIn conquers a State?
  190. Will Shin be more powerful than Sei?
  191. The portrayal of strategy and tactics
  192. Why is Moubu affiliated with Ryofui?
  193. Houken's Growth Rate
  194. Houken On The Wrong Path
  195. Is Houken going to be Shin's strongest opponent?
  196. Top 3 favourite Characters.
  197. Are Hara's stats inconsistant?
  198. World's strongest man?
  199. Kingdom ?
  200. how long will this manga go on?
  201. Next Major Kingdom Character To Die
  202. Character development
  203. Monster Bow user?
  204. Mouten's Crowning Achievement
  205. Mouten Vs Earl Shi
  206. What weapon would you like to see a prominent general wield?
  207. Are you hoping to see a certain 'type' of General?
  208. Chapter 402 Summary
  209. Ultimate Opponents for each major character?
  210. Coolest Looking Glaive
  211. Kingdom 403
  212. EOS Kingdom stats
  213. Hurt & Heal: Qin Generals
  214. If the art was still wierd
  215. Specialized units
  216. Warfare circumstances
  217. Should Kingdom embrace a more supernatural style?
  218. Theoretical Three Great Heavens
  219. Complete Zhao Three Great Heavens
  220. Mongols and Ghenghis Khan
  221. Qualities of Armies
  222. Quality of Hi Shin Unit
  223. Predictions thread
  224. Future Politics
  225. Riboku's martial skill
  226. Rate the characters by how much you like them
  227. The leader of the 6GG is actually still alive
  228. Where would you peg the stats?
  229. Free Agent generals
  230. Prime characters
  231. Would Ouki have an significant impact...
  232. Chapter 409 Discussion
  233. Character Discussion - Queen Mother and Rou Ai
  234. Why doesn't Qin have a famous bow user?
  235. How important is 'Experience'?
  236. Yan's next big thing
  237. Punishment
  238. Hack and Slash or Grid Based Tactics?
  239. Why do we consider Houken to be the strongest in China?
  240. Shin's gone clubbing
  241. Had Ousen and Kanki been in Ouki's generation
  242. Did Three Great Heavens operate the same way as the Qin six?
  243. Kingdom in a different era and land.
  244. "Internships"
  245. Will we see natural disasters in Kingdom?
  246. Official Kingdom Lingo thread.
  247. Were Ranbihaku/Junsou in prison?
  248. Where is the other Bakuya Sword at?
  249. A day in the life of Moubu
  250. Best Girl