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  1. Say hello to the rep system
  2. Official Themes Thread
  3. Just added an arcade
  4. Prizes
  5. Invisible Mode
  6. Just Uploaded Some New Avatars
  7. Oi oi oi
  8. New logo get
  9. You can now see who repped you
  10. Naruto and Bleach sections have been deleted
  11. DB forum is gone
  12. Disabled tag cloud
  13. You can now disable reputation
  14. Changed the name of the Toriko/OP Battledomes
  15. Custom user titles is now enabled
  16. User ranks have been removed
  17. Grayfolio now has new thread icons
  18. Hide Quoting of Ignored Members add-on
  19. New Reputation Notification add-on
  20. Spoiler button added to editor
  21. Chatbox updated
  22. 200 x 150 avatars for all
  23. [IMG] tags are now enabled in signatures
  24. PM box limit increased to 70 messages
  25. Color of links changed to red
  26. New banner bitches
  27. Sticky threads and normal threads are now seperated
  28. Rotating banner achieved! And Toriko banner added
  29. Color key added
  30. Advanced forum statistics
  31. New icons
  32. Sub-forums now visible in main page
  33. The Temeffian Code of Conduct
  34. Strike tag added
  35. Say hello to our first moderator!
  36. The Activity Rises
  37. Going to upgrade vBulletin soon
  38. Visitor messages are now default tab on member profiles
  39. Extended reputation had been added
  40. We're back to recieving one notification for each rep
  41. Say hello to our newest PX model
  42. Default Avatars Updated
  43. Welcome to our newest mod, Z!
  44. Welcome MM as the contributor for the Toriko section
  45. Give a round of applause for The Visionary
  46. Welcome Greed as our first gay contributor
  47. Name chage limit changed from 2 weeks to 2 months
  48. Affiliate List
  49. 'Jump to my last post' addon added
  50. The Activity Returns
  51. Unvote option added
  52. Small PM enhancement
  53. So we're going to test out the mafia sub-section
  54. New "Metro" Skin
  55. Welcome Top Tier Tom as our newest Contributor
  56. Welcome DoflaMihawk as the newest Contributor
  57. Spoiler sections added
  58. If you didn't already
  59. Sad news.
  60. Give a round of applause to Top Tier Tom
  61. Welcome Bold as our newest Contributor
  62. Hosting issues
  63. Welcome our newest Contributor, Leo!
  64. Say hello to our new Entertainment Contributor
  65. External Activity Project # 90071
  66. Installed optimization plugin
  67. So I killed the gator
  68. You can now see who is viewing a forum
  69. Notification when quoted
  70. Default style changed to Ideal Gray (or has it?)
  71. Changed up the stats at the bottom
  72. New Themes
  73. You can now change the max number of posts per page
  74. Welcome Bold and DoflaMihawk as your new overlords
  75. Kong the Contributor swings into Punk Hazard
  76. Mr. Allara has been promoted
  77. The return of notifications when quoted
  78. The reason for the database errors yesterday
  79. Record of banned members
  80. Sub-section created for past SotMs
  81. Welcome Mord as Contributor for the GW
  82. Rep changes are a coming
  83. Welcome GP as your new Super Mod
  84. Give a warm welcome to Lord Melkor as our newest Contributor
  85. Give a round of applause to Makenzye
  86. Mord will be taking a short break
  87. New Kingdom section and mod
  88. To all the Haters
  89. Say hello to X as your new contributor
  90. Upgrade complete
  91. Welcome to the Site News!
  92. Crocodile banner added
  93. Doflamingo banner added
  94. Kingdom banner added
  95. Banner added for Ideal Gray
  96. More banners
  97. TMF icon added
  98. Give a round of applause to A and exchelsi
  99. Method of Contributor Selection
  100. Approval Thread
  101. Welcome Ichiryuu as our newest Contributor
  102. YMP3 tags added
  103. Say hello to X as your new Cafe overlord
  104. Oda Nobunaga Approval Thread
  105. Curious George Approval Thread
  106. Congrat to Curious George
  107. Welcome Oda Nobunaga as your newest red named guy
  108. Possible downtime today
  109. Welcome our newest mod!
  110. Bold has been remodded
  111. Kingdom default avatars have been added
  112. DoflaMihawk has been demoted.
  113. Welcome Q As The Newest Mod
  114. What is up?
  115. New positive rep ranks added
  116. Shokugeki No Souma
  117. Welcome Crispinianus as Contributor for Kankou Pass
  118. Welcome Brohan as Contributor for the UBD
  119. Welcome White as another Contributor for the UBD
  120. Welcome VICE as Entertainment Contributor
  121. Welcome Nordksnfksfd as Entertainment Contributor
  122. Welcome Ichiryuu as new Gourmet World mod
  123. Welcome WILD as your new Gourmet World contributor
  124. Welcome Halaros as your new Punk Hazard contributor
  125. Name change for Universal Battledome?
  126. Name Change for General Series Discussion?
  127. Explanation of the recent outage
  128. Toxic Waste subforum added
  129. Past chapter sections
  130. Welcome V as Contributor for Punk Hazard
  131. New name change policy
  132. Reading 'Jump to Last Post' feature
  133. Welcome Myst as your new Art section contributor!
  134. Welcome Y as your new SnS Contributor!
  135. Welcome TheBaldHeadedNegro as our UBD Contributor
  136. DoflaMihawk has gone green
  137. Welcome Mak as your new Comics contributor!
  138. Poopy's a Contributor LLAB
  139. We finally have a SnS section
  140. Welcome Crispy as your new Kingdom moderator
  141. Welcome VICE as your new Entertainment mod
  142. Void has been moved to GS
  143. Welcome Nightfall as your new PH contributor!
  144. In regards to the recent outages
  145. GS Discussion subsection added
  146. 'Clash of Kingdoms' section created
  147. TMF Facebook
  148. Welcome Myst (Murasaki) as your new Art section mod!
  149. Give a round of applause to Don Dedede
  150. Y has been moved to the UBD
  151. Void has been moved to SnS
  152. Fate has been given its own subsection
  153. Welcome Shogun as your new Gourmet World Contributor!
  154. Post restriction feature is operational
  155. Welcome Albion as your new Tōtsuki Academy contributor!
  156. Welcome Mak and Y as your new mods
  157. Sports section has been created
  158. Welcome Night as our new PH Moderator
  159. Welcome Felix as your new KP Contributor
  160. Changed nameservers
  161. Welcome Teo Cucqiridze as the newest red guy
  162. Welcome Albion-kun as your new Totsuki Academy mod!
  163. Welcome Poopy as your new Admin
  164. Welcome Nekomamushi as your new PH Contributor
  165. Welcome Ozymandias as our new Entertainment Contributor
  166. Welcome Femto as Cafe Contributor
  167. Scheduled downtime at 12AM EST
  168. Update
  169. Favicon Issue
  170. Some technical issues may be resolved
  171. Google has cleared our site
  172. Y has been made moderator of the Fate subsection
  173. Chrome message product installed
  174. Instagram tag added
  175. Past SotM Archives should be sorted out
  176. GP is an admin now
  177. General Series Discussion has been reorganized.
  178. Gourmet World has been made into a sub-section
  179. PM cooldown had been changed to 10 seconds
  180. Ichiryuu has been promoted to Super Mod
  181. Welcome Ink Spot as the Entertainment Contributor!
  182. Dice Roll add-on installed
  183. Fate is now a main section
  184. LMGTFY BBCode Added
  185. Twitter bb code added
  186. Pixiv BB Code added
  187. webm bbcode added
  188. The Default Avatars have been revamped
  189. Spotify plugin added
  190. Welcome Ultra as the Cafe Contributor
  191. Welcome Teo as your new UBD mod
  192. Welcome Mak as your new GSD mod
  193. Welcome Jorm as the GSD Contributor
  194. The Kafe King Returns!
  195. Mafia is now a subsection of the Gaming-HQ
  196. Mafia Is Now Its Own Section