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  1. Teacher's pay
  2. Population Control
  3. World Peace
  4. The protests arond the world
  5. World Wide Democracy
  6. Thoughts on abortion?
  7. Thoughts on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  8. If George Washington was alive today
  9. The Black Guy in Thor - Black Pride, White Guilt, and Shared Stupidity
  10. Education
  11. Extraterrestrial life
  12. Girl dead for 23 hours - saw heaven and hell
  13. UFO's
  14. Marriage: Choice vs Arranged
  15. Is it Morally Permissable
  16. Genetics vs lifestlye
  17. Death Penalty
  18. Religion
  19. Waffles vs. Pancakes
  20. Let's Talk Politics
  21. Gay Marriage
  22. Global Warming/Climate Change
  23. Should the drinking age be increased or decreased?
  24. How would you feel about...
  25. Gun control
  26. Health care
  27. GED or High School Diploma?
  28. Feminism
  29. Can God create an object too heavy to be lifted?
  30. Are robots beneficial or detrimental?
  31. If God created everything, who created God?
  32. What do you predict the rest of this century (and 22nd, beyond)
  33. Euthanasia
  34. Masturbation
  35. Is Torture Acceptable?
  36. Commander-in-chief
  37. Compensation
  38. Should violent criminals be drafted to the military?
  39. Rock vs. Rap
  40. Is it better for a leader to be feared or loved?
  41. Is the world getting better or worse?
  42. Kevin Hart vs. Ralphie May
  43. Cheating in School
  44. 1 lunatic 1 icepick
  45. Abortion vs. Adoption
  46. The Best Internet Browser?
  47. Secret Societies
  48. Japanese Manga vs. American Comics
  49. Thoughts on psychedellic drugs
  50. Canada vs. America
  51. Should schools enforce dress codes?
  52. Will we see more diverse Presidents after Obama?
  53. East vs West: Whose ideals are better?
  54. What's Destroying African-Americans?
  55. Do you believe in God? Why or why not
  56. Cycle of Hatred
  57. Best country in the world right now
  58. Tradition
  59. Leaving a pregnant girl vs getting an abortion without the man's consent
  60. Islam debate and discussion thread
  61. Christianity debate and discussion thread
  62. Do parents have any right in deciding their child's future?
  63. Lead Or follow
  64. Marriage and Religion
  65. Teenage pregnancy
  66. Can't we all just get along?
  67. Gun Control
  68. Most important Quality a Man can have?
  69. Atheism debate and discussion thread
  70. Is homosexuality natural?
  71. Fish vs. Fowl
  72. Who is the best US presidential candidate?
  73. Is it possible for someone to lead a moral life without religion?
  74. Between the ancient Chinese, Indian and Islamic civilazations...
  75. Were the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canal worth it?
  76. Weekly Thesis #2: Money...
  77. Animal Rights: Intelligence
  78. Aliens real or not?
  79. Should animals be kept in zoos?
  80. If God doesnt exist..
  81. WWIII: Is it Possible?
  82. 9/11
  83. Bill O'reilly.
  84. Will China Face Revolution?
  85. Value of precious stones and metals
  86. Should Columbus day be abolished?
  87. Criminal Rehabilitation
  88. Animism
  89. Obama vs. Romney
  90. Is there ever a situation where morals should be compromised?
  91. Prove god exists.
  92. A world without money.
  93. Black People Debate.
  94. girls nowadays
  95. your state
  96. Israel or Palestina?
  97. Should hospitals be free?
  98. The oil crisis in 1973.
  99. Oversexualization Of Women
  100. Generalization: Is It Just Marginalization?
  101. Mental Illness vs. Gun Control
  102. Suicide
  103. Should the Church be Taxed?
  104. War Hero
  105. How long until world peace?
  106. Hitting a woman
  107. How much of a say should people have in who governs them?
  108. What is the best form of government?
  109. What is the greatest inhibiting factor on the human race right now?
  110. Weekly Thesis # 4: The United States is overrated.
  111. Should the Federal Reserve be Audited?
  112. Greatest U.S President
  113. USA vs. United Muslim Nations
  114. In your opinion, what determines intelligence?
  115. Android vs. iPhone
  116. Thesis Statement: What you make up for materially, you lack morally.
  117. Justice That Commits Evil
  118. Religion and Evil
  119. The Concept Of Profanity
  120. Homosexuality vs Cannabis
  121. The Right to Die
  122. Nigga Vs. Nigger
  123. Rights and Justification of Restrictions
  124. Welfare debate
  125. Should The USA Attack Syria?
  126. Hegemonic double-standard
  127. Cyber Bullying
  128. Media Overexposure
  129. Calling out PoPs 3
  130. Was George Bush as dumb as he seems?
  131. Does anyone deserve death?
  132. You are given two choices:
  133. Great Leader
  134. What do we do with crazy people?
  135. Narcissism
  136. Martial Art Styles
  137. Christmas and Consumerism
  138. Should certain prison-populations be put on death-row?
  139. Karma.
  140. Nationalism
  141. miss justice is blind
  142. was there ever a true Republic?
  143. The best type of economy.
  144. Football vs. Basket ball
  145. American cartoon vs. Japanese Anime
  146. What justifies warfare
  147. My stand against Vegeterians and Ecologists
  148. The concept of being a teenager
  149. Legalizing Weed
  150. Is Our Universe a Simulation?
  151. D. Games: Award Ceremony
  152. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend
  153. Honor vs. Life
  154. Would you trade free will for a utopian existence?
  155. Parents and Sexuality
  156. Who, if anyone, deserves death?
  157. Valued Standards
  158. Punishment v. Education
  159. Evils of the Current Education System
  160. Is college worth it?
  161. Pirating?
  162. Opinion on Marriage?
  163. Prevention vs Suppression vs Intervention
  164. Minimum Wage.
  165. What do I look like?
  166. Obesity
  167. Determnism or Indeterminism?
  168. The line for racist jokes
  169. Russia And Nazi Germany
  170. John Kerry is in Ukraine.
  171. Awards
  172. China and the arm race in Asia/China's 6 wars in the next 50 years
  173. President Ronald Reagen
  174. Best world leader in the last 200 yrs.
  175. Can anyone in the last 500 years compare to Umar bin Khattab?
  176. Would you try human meat?
  177. What qualities are most important to a leader?
  178. When Do You Owe Someone The Truth
  179. Financial Priority
  180. What qualifies as alive?
  181. Fraternities
  182. When is a man justified in striking a Women?
  183. Breaking Free Of Societal Norms
  184. What should be the Legal Age for becoming part of the Millitary?
  185. Evil Geniuses
  186. How do you define the word "friend"?
  187. Evidence God Exists (100% Confirmed)
  188. Talent vs Motivation
  189. Concentrated Knowledge vs Spread Knowledge
  190. Should Police Be Monitored
  191. Slut vs Stud
  192. Lead, follow, or get out of the way
  193. Does Everything Have A Price
  194. Chivalry
  195. Taking Advantage Of Situations
  196. Is reality tv the new freak shows?
  197. Content and Quality of Music
  198. Russia
  199. Enlightenment
  200. Effectiveness of Democracy
  201. Can Pure Communism Exist?
  202. Are Guns a good means of Self defense?
  203. Does True Altruism Exist?
  204. Censorship
  205. Embarrassing traits and habits
  206. Hoax Theories
  207. John Q movie [Your thoughts]
  208. How much control should you have over search engine results about you?
  209. Prison Justice
  210. Sympathy And Compassion
  211. Wages Vs Company Profits
  212. Might makes Right?
  213. Impersonal Relationships Caused By Technology
  214. Anti-Vaccination
  215. Biggest Issues In Society
  216. Stimulation And Simulation
  217. Death Or Prison
  218. Right Not To Pray
  219. Georgia Guidestones
  220. Killing Insects
  221. You Have Cancer
  222. Why Would God Care
  223. What If God Was Not A Man
  224. Infamy For Murderers
  225. World Hunger
  226. Welcome to the War Zone!
  227. Youth in Asia
  228. Plank Of Carneades
  229. When Is A Person A Person
  230. Free Birth Control
  231. Insulting Team Names
  232. The Supernatural
  233. Capitalism
  234. Punishment Fits The Crime
  235. Hypothetical Situation W/ a Question
  236. Assassinations as a mean to end wars
  237. Objectification
  238. Ethical Theories
  239. Samaritan's Dilemma
  240. The Fall Of Man
  241. Female Representation In Media
  242. Best Government
  243. Homosexuality
  244. Marriage
  245. If fine as long as you're not hurting anybody else
  246. Sin and the afterlife
  247. If you could get rid of just one global issue
  248. Freedom of religion
  249. "I don't know is half of knowledge"
  250. Nine Types Of Intelligence