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  1. MS Paint Adventures
  2. Awesome pages thread.
  3. How do you read comics?
  4. Comic Recommendation thread
  5. How smart are the smartest people in DC comics?
  6. Fear Its Self
  7. Vertigo
  8. Invincible
  9. Thor
  10. Temple of the Sith: Star Wars discussion
  11. black panther epicness
  12. Top 10 Marvel Characters
  13. Justice League (2011)
  14. X-books discussion thread.
  15. Superman/Batman Adventures
  16. Batman (New 52)
  17. The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul
  18. Red Hood and The Outlaws
  19. List Your Favorite DC Comics Characters
  20. canon
  21. Major DC comics character to come out of the closet
  22. New 52 aquaman
  23. DC Reboot discussion.
  24. The Avengers Vs The X-Men
  25. Your top 5 Super Heroes
  26. The Unsung Heroes
  27. Your top 5 super villains
  28. Top 5 Comic Book Females
  29. What comics have you read?
  30. good webcomics
  31. 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters
  32. Star Wars Comics
  34. The Dark Knight Returns
  35. Shine the Spotlight: Characters and Storylines I Love
  36. Great time to get into Marvel Comics
  37. Batman: Death of the Family worth it?
  38. Redhood: The Lost Days
  39. Angela in the MU!
  40. New 52 thread
  41. Blaster Nation
  42. You think I'm scared? I am not fucking scared.
  43. Favorite Graphic Novels and Writers
  44. Advice
  45. Image Comics Discussion Thread
  46. Transmetropolitan
  47. Judge Dredd
  48. I don't think I've ever been this excited to read a comic.
  49. How Do I Get Into Superman?
  50. comic book club?
  51. Have You Ever Read Comics?
  52. DC vs Marvel
  53. Sidebar Nation
  54. Guys...
  55. How Strong is Adamantium?
  56. Does anybody know a good place to start reading comics?
  57. The Boys
  58. Mak's Rants
  59. The Walking Dead Comics
  60. The New Ms. Marvel
  61. Mak Suggests Comics For You
  62. What Would It Take To Get You Into Comics?
  63. Archie Dies!
  64. Deadpool and Marvel set a Guinness World Record
  65. Spying Specials
  66. Omnipotent Characters
  67. Favorite verse
  68. Favorite comic villian?
  69. When was The Punisher born?
  70. Welcome to the Comics Section!
  71. 22 Superhero Movies In 4 Years
  72. Does Magneto just totally ruin Iron Man's day?
  73. Black Captain America
  74. Most overrated comic
  75. What comics are you reading now ?
  76. Comic Reviews: Finding Peace
  77. The Flash Discussion
  78. Whose your favourite Robin ?
  79. DC Lobo Discussion Thread
  80. Who is your favorite X-men?
  81. Marvel Matchups: Cosmic Cube vs M'kraan crystal vs Infinity Gauntlet
  82. Marvel vs DC
  83. Characters and Change
  84. Character Discussion: Spawn
  85. Multiverse/Omniverse
  86. Guts with Berserker Armor enters Marvel Universe
  87. Bunch of comics you can read
  88. Deadpools supplier.
  89. Nintendo Comics/Choose Your Own Adventure
  90. Guys...
  91. Who do you think would (or should) be the ultimate final villain?
  92. Zarathos' Children
  93. Eternity vs. Shuma-Gorath (Home Dimension): Who would win?
  94. So Much For This Section...
  95. Comic Book Character Tournament Nomination Thread
  96. DMZ
  97. Comic Book Character Tournament Draw Thread
  98. Comic Book Character Tournament: Lucifer Moringstar Vs Molecule Man
  99. Comic Book Character Tournament: Alfred Vs Deadpool
  100. Comic Book Tournament: Dr. Strange Vs Batman
  101. Comic Book Tournament: Hulk Vs John Stewart
  102. Harley Quinn Month
  103. Who is your favorite sidekick?
  104. Dumbest comic villains?
  105. Is 'Spider-Man vs Firelord' the greatest PIS in fiction?
  106. List some handicapped characters
  107. Marvel - Secret Wars
  108. Who are the best tacticians in comics?
  109. Marvel: The only wrong belief is atheism
  110. Comic Book Characters' Popularity Contest! [Nominees Thread]
  111. Are character deaths meaningful in comics?
  112. Superpowers that become all powerful.
  113. Batman in Time - Video
  114. You call that a Hero?
  115. Rank the Founding Members of the Justice League
  116. DC Comics Event -- Forever Evil
  118. DC you crazy
  119. Fables
  120. The King
  121. Batgirl
  122. Awesome comic quotes
  123. Recommendations?
  124. Shouldn't Dr. Octopus be really easy to defeat?
  125. Adamantium questions
  126. Could someone explain The Black/Blue Color Problem I've noticed?
  127. Any comics that should have been animated?
  128. Which weapon from fiction would you have?
  129. How would you make your own super hero team?
  130. Top 5 most popular superheroes
  131. Isn't The Spot supposed to be really threatning?
  132. No limits to Superman?
  133. Beyonders and their absurd power
  134. GP's analysis: Superman
  135. Shuma-Gorath idea
  136. Lord Dregg Ultimate Crossover idea
  137. Your ideal crossover
  138. Which spaceship would you cruise on?
  139. Should comics/manga have pronunciation keys?
  140. Who would you trust with the Infinity Gauntlet?
  141. King Kong/Godzilla size problem?
  142. Rank These Super Teams
  143. Character Discussion: The Batman
  144. Your Personal X-Men Lineup
  145. What was the most impacting/influential comic moment?
  146. What changes would you make to the Marvel movies?
  147. How Faithful Should Adaptations Be?
  148. I thought this was awesome
  149. When Teams Gave Thanks. A Pre-Flashpoint History.
  150. Secret Wars Delayed Again
  151. Bendis sucks.
  152. Best Rogue Gallery
  153. Great Comic Panels and Images
  154. I think Back in Black is my favorite Peter Parker story.
  155. GP's Analysis: Justice League
  156. I thought we could have debates
  157. Bronze Tiger vs Bane
  158. Richard Dragon vs Cassandra Cain
  159. Favorite Faction(s)
  160. DM reads Ultimate Spiderman
  161. Recommend me some comics
  162. Star Wars Comics [Convo Thread]
  163. Favourite Robin
  164. White Canary vs Lady Shiva
  165. Winter Soldier vs Katana
  166. Superman's new power
  167. Marvel Comics: Civil War
  168. D reads Ultimate Spider-Man like DM did.
  169. Marvels INFINITY
  170. A Legend Passes: Paul Ryan
  171. Help me get into comics
  172. PoPs Reads Justice League
  173. Interest Check: Comic Series of the Determined Time Schedule
  174. Batman / TMNT Crossover
  175. Did Wally merge with the speed force?
  176. Comic of the Biweek Recommendation Thread
  177. Batman: Zero Year
  178. How smart is Peter Parker
  179. Batman
  180. The Flash
  181. Comic of the Biweek Voting Thread
  182. Preacher Comics (Vertigo)
  183. Ranking of Rogue's Galleries
  184. DC Comics to reveal Joker's real name
  185. The Mask
  186. Comic Series of the Bi-Week Time Period
  187. Batman Eternal
  188. Aquaman
  189. How do Beast Boy's powers work?
  190. Comic of the Time Period Recommendation Thread ROUND 2
  191. How many Marvel characters can you name?
  192. where to start
  193. Batman: Year One
  194. Avengers Megathread
  195. Were the Kents the best parents ever?
  196. Bold reads Comics
  197. Comic Series of the TBA Time Period Vote ROUND 2
  198. Worst comic book
  199. The Walking Dead Comic
  200. PoPs reads comics
  201. Mak's Reads
  202. If They Be Worthy...
  203. Comic Series of the Month
  204. RIP Darwyn Cooke
  205. Real life Captain America shield
  206. Black Panther
  207. Surprise manipulator of the New 52 Multiverse *SPOILERS INSIDE*
  208. Comic of the Month Selection for June.
  209. Temeffians as Comic super team characters
  210. DC Universe Rebirth
  211. Cap
  212. What you are in the dark
  213. "Preacher" Real Life Adaption
  214. Comic of the Month June Voting Thread
  215. So how does this work?
  216. Comic Series of the Month of June: Saga
  217. Richard Dragon vs Green Arrow & Black Canary
  218. Wonder Woman vs Nightwing
  219. Bronze Tiger vs Batgirl
  220. Phoenix vs Black Racer
  221. Injustice
  222. Character Discussion: Iron Man
  223. Black Lightning vs Hawkman and Hawkgirl
  224. Black Bolt vs Collosus
  225. Favorite All Times
  226. Luke Cage & Richard Dragon run a gauntlet
  227. Why are...
  228. Mak answers your one liner comic questions
  229. Terror of Trigon
  230. Vigilante versus hero
  231. Mystique versus Black widow
  232. Wonder Woman
  233. Green Arrow
  234. Titans
  235. Detective Comics
  236. Mak's Collection of Crap
  237. The New Teen Titans (1980)
  238. Comic Series of the Month of July: The Walking Dead
  239. The New Iron "Man"
  240. The Unworthy Thor Series Coming this Fall
  241. Two new "Iron Man" series this year
  242. Most iconic lines in comics
  243. Superhero internal affairs
  244. Yusuke Murata draws Spiderman covers
  245. The Avengers
  246. Captain America General Thread
  247. Image's "Invincible" to end in 2017
  248. "Essential reads" for characters
  249. Monsters Unleashed
  250. Comics art/fan art thread