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  1. Welcome to the Meta Battledome!
  2. How destructive are these feats?
  3. New Darkseid feat.
  4. Biggest endurance freaks in fiction?
  5. How big is Fishman Island?
  6. Saint seiya and calcs.
  7. I never understood underestimation on Dragonball destruction and tanking abilities.
  8. Elephant Gatling: Small Island Busting Level?
  9. Feats of the week
  10. Bane Respect Thread
  11. Luffy's mountain throwing feat
  12. Dr.Doom Respect Thread
  13. Can someone calc this.
  14. Just How Big Was Noah?
  15. Hal Jordan respect thread
  16. Someone Calc this
  17. Elephant Gatling/Gun vs Toriko's 17-hit nail punch
  18. Fastest punch in manga?
  19. Big Point Chopper casual House Tosser?
  20. Is sesshomaru a one piece midtier level fighter
  21. Hunter x Hunter Tier List
  22. Grizzly Magnum calcs
  23. The Official Naruto Tier List
  24. Sannin tier placement
  25. Avatar tier list
  26. Interest check in a DBZ Tier list
  27. The OFFICIAL Bleach Tier List ;)
  28. [Strongest jutsu ]Naruto?
  29. How would you rate Magi characters in terms of strength?
  30. Pokemon
  31. Goku can only lift 400 tons
  32. Broly vs. Father God absorbed
  33. Killua Godspeed is not even Mach 1
  34. Dragon Ball tier list
  35. Interest Check in an HST Tier List?
  36. Digimon Feats
  37. Maha Zoldyck; Strongest Current HxH Human?
  38. Interest check FT Tier list
  39. Is Hanzo top 5 in HxH?
  40. Intrest Check in Marvel tier list
  41. Marvel Comic Tier List
  42. Can Cobra (FT) survive in a tank filled with carbon dioxide?
  43. naruverse fate/ series in general: sacle
  44. Interest Check Akame Ga Kiru! Tier List
  45. Is HxH a weak verse?
  46. Mard Geer Respect Thread
  47. Star Wars Tier List
  48. Interest Check Avatar Tier List
  49. Strongest Character in Anime/Manga
  50. Are YYH characters planet level?
  51. Official Verse placements
  52. Heat in Vs matches
  53. How fast is SM Naruto?
  54. Why Do People Nerf Hunter Characters?
  55. How strong is the Yu-Gi-Oh verse?
  56. What level of DC is Tetsuo's moon crater feat?
  57. Interest Check: HxH Tier List
  58. Itsuki Minami goes into HST
  59. Are speed and reactions separate stats?
  60. UBD Profile: The Celestial Spirit King
  61. Is Sindbad above Island level?
  62. Will Sakura be counted as Mountain level?
  63. Pixel Scaling Poll
  64. UBD Profile: Black Star
  65. How strong is the Feng Shen Ji verse?
  66. Speed Calculation for Black Star
  67. Laxus doesn't has speed equal to Lightning
  68. The God of Highschool
  69. Attack potency or DC?
  70. Should the speed of Madara's Light Fang be accepted?
  71. Is Toneri's slash Moon Level?
  72. What is the size of Seireitei?
  73. Ranking the Akatsuki
  74. What is the actual size of the Toriko Planet?
  75. Worst Empty Bluffs
  76. How Useful Are Powerlevels
  77. As worthless as a rock in a pond (Toriko Calc)
  78. What level is this feat?
  79. Godzilla stops meteor (Calc)
  80. What are Full Counter's limits?
  81. Are Inuyasha and Naraku legit mountain busters?
  82. The Legendary Headbutt
  83. Can Magneto drop a stardestroyer ?
  84. Official Physical Brawlers Tournament Discussion Thread
  85. Could Dark Schneider survive a Red Key?
  86. In Regards to Laxus' lightning speed
  87. UBD Profile: Natsu Dragneel
  88. UBD Profile: Naruto Uzuzmaki
  89. Doctor Who; Reality Bomb
  90. UBD Discussion; Naruto Uzumaki Part 2
  91. Basic Physics
  92. WILD an wannabe physics expert
  93. Naruto's speed
  94. Can someone help me calc these feats?
  95. Light Fang speed?
  96. Pixel Scaling........Again
  97. How fast is Daemon Spade?
  98. Using calcs but not scaling
  99. Rank The Homonculous
  100. Question.
  101. OP Verse vs FT verse - THE FINAL SHOWDOWN
  102. Fairy Tail verse Vs The Seven Deadly sins verse
  104. Eyeshield 21 Feats
  105. UBD PROFILE: Rock Lee
  107. UBD PROFILE: Rock Lee
  108. Battledome Phrases
  109. Logias: Haki
  110. UBD Profile: Acnologia
  111. Jellal's Altairis Spell
  112. The traits that something needs to be considered as real lightning
  113. UBD Profile Directory
  114. UBD Profile: Mard Geer
  115. UBD Profile: Gray Fullbuster
  116. Celestial Spirit King is not island level....
  117. Size of Tartarus Cube Poll
  118. Jellal's Reaction Speed
  119. UBD Experiment Discussion Thread
  120. Time frame
  121. The official Bleach Tier List Part 2
  122. Lifewiping in terms of DC
  123. Size of the Plateau Meruem busted
  124. How Big is Ficasdaltonphant
  125. UBD Profile: Axe-Hand Morgan
  126. 1% of Algroth's power
  127. Meliodas' Edinburgh feat
  128. My story Verse in the UBD
  129. Danafor Feat
  130. Cell Solar System Buster
  131. Revising the UBD profiles
  132. Visible Trees
  133. Why speed stacking in calcs is horribly, horribly wrong
  134. Who can kill Swamp Thing?
  135. Allukas Standing in the UBD
  136. Unresolved/Work-In-Progress Profile Threads
  137. The 10 Strongest Anime/Manga Characters
  138. Brandish's Magical Prowess
  139. The Destruction of Danafor - a Nanatsu no Taizai calculation
  140. Calcs Aren't Reliable
  141. Jirou was drunk when he did Grand Knocking?
  142. List of Teleportation.
  143. UBD Profile: Kirin
  144. Speed of Kirin
  145. Predict EOS power level
  146. Deep Zone; Kuroko no Basket
  147. Omnipotents
  148. Multi-Verse Tier List (Interest Check)
  149. Galanīs speed - a Nanatsu no Taizai calculation
  150. Cells "Solar System Buster" - Why it's ridiculous
  151. Marvel Cinematic Universe Tier List
  152. Tier List Directory
  153. Madara's Chibaku Tensei
  154. Comic Characters and VS Battles
  155. UBD Profile - Son Goku
  156. Post Crisis Supermans Best Feats
  157. UBD Profile: Sabo
  158. Nanatsu no Taizai Tier List
  159. Official Animal Kingdom Tier List
  160. CW DC Tier List
  161. How much weight can Goku lift?
  162. Naruto vs Goku: LIfting limits.
  163. UBD Profile - Vegeta
  164. UBD Profile - Vegito
  165. UBD Profile - Son Gohan
  166. Island Level
  167. Inconsistencies that We should disscuss first.
  168. Brandish Island raising Calc
  169. How strong are Goku and Beerus?
  170. Vote percetage require for a UBD profile to be accepted.
  171. Calculation for a regular Bijuu Dama
  172. How strong is Freezer in the Dragon Ball manga according to this forum?
  173. Acnologia's Tenrou Island feat
  174. Acnologia's Roar, Written by Katy Perry
  175. Steven Universe tier list
  176. UBD Profile: Brandish
  177. Brandish Calc Poll
  178. Sakura's strength calc
  179. Ikusatsunagi, Cleavin' down the world
  180. Ikusatsunagi calcul poll !
  181. One Punch Man Tier List Interest Check
  182. Taking profile request
  183. The sins getting power ups.
  184. Did Naruto have SO6P powers in the Last?
  185. UBD Profile: Kaguya
  186. Can someone fill me in
  187. Yea or Nay?
  188. UBD PROFILE: Donquixote Doflamingo
  189. Calling out the Monspiet Feat
  190. legend of zelda stats?
  191. Calling out the Galan Speed Feat
  192. Is Galan MHS+? 3 is my lucky number.
  193. UBD Profile: Mard Geer Tartaros
  194. UBD Accepted Size Directory.
  195. Can Cell become a Super Saiyan God AND acheive a Golden Form?
  196. UBD Profile: Naraku
  197. Lightning speed Laxus
  198. Tenrou Island 50 Km yes or no
  199. Can this be calced?
  200. UBD Profile: Admiral Fujitora
  201. UBD Profile: Rintarou Tachibana
  202. UBD Profile: Azir
  203. Lightning Speed Laxus Poll
  204. Are you agree about UBD profile Azir ?
  205. UBD Profile: Shinji Hirako
  206. UBD Profile: Bazz B
  207. UBD Profile: Gowther
  208. OBD Profile: Jugram Haschwalth
  209. UBD Profile: Monkey D Garp
  210. Warod Tree Speed
  211. regarding FT speed
  212. Lizards in the skies of Ishgar (Fairy Tail calc, revisited)
  213. UBD Profile: Acnologia
  214. Poll: Lizards in the skies of Ishgar
  215. devils advocate idea?
  216. dragons speed wise in FT
  217. Size of Fiore
  218. Is Raikage Lightning Speed or Not?
  219. Lightning Reactions in Naruto.
  220. Dragons speed reopened
  221. Tiebreaker (not really but eh): Lizards above Ishgar
  222. UBD Profile: Byakuya Kuchiki
  223. The Flight Speed of FT Dragons
  224. The Size of Fiore
  225. UBD Profile: Igneel
  226. interests check for a strategy objective vs battle????
  227. Mountains or not Mountains )
  228. UBD Profile: Uchiha Sasuke
  229. Where does this version of Super Buu rank?
  230. What is this Hypocricy?
  231. True Meteor Speed
  232. Bleach - Giant black hand does some stuff
  233. Azir's Sand World Range
  234. UBD Profile: Ruby Crescent
  235. Gildarts reacts to Lasers
  236. UBD Profile: Uchiha Itachi
  237. Kings True Form Chastiefol
  238. Concerning the creation of profiles
  239. The Usage of Statements in Determing Stats
  240. SO this thread is for only few selected peoples?
  241. UBD Poll: Doflamingo
  242. UBD Poll: Hashirama Senju
  243. UBD poll:King
  244. UBD Poll: Jio Freed
  245. UBD poll: Diane
  246. Bleach - Gremmy's Meteor
  247. The Usage of Superhuman Stats to get further Stats
  248. UBD Profile: Sabo
  249. Sabo Hiken Calc Revisited
  250. A proposal for Callout list