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  1. UBD Poll: Fujitora
  2. Size of the Seireitei #2
  3. Natsus Body Heat
  4. Small Country... well almost. (Bleach)
  5. UBD Profile: Black Bolt
  6. UBD Poll: Aizen
  7. UBD Poll: Meliodas
  8. Natsu melting an arena
  9. UBD Poll: Naraku
  10. Yamamoto total energy output (lolcalc)
  11. Iku Slashes Big
  12. Wendy's Roar Size and Air eating Capacity
  13. Gray evaporates an ice Mountain
  14. Erza Clash
  15. Is the Fairy Tail Movie Canon?
  16. Slayer Elements > Natural elements
  17. Momento Mori! Mard, super fabulous bitch of Tartarus
  18. UBD Poll: Hirako Shinji
  19. Bleach - Yhwach
  20. Bleach - Yhwach lifts up some stuff
  21. Totally legit calc - Meliodas Edingburgh feat
  22. UBD Profile: Obito Uchiha
  23. UBD profile: Akira Kongou
  24. UBD Poll: Obito Uchiha
  25. UBD Profile: Bigby Wolf
  26. Raikage's punching strength
  27. UBD Profile: Raven (2003)
  28. UBD Profile: Gray Fullbuster
  29. UBD Poll: Akira Kongou
  30. Bleeding Energy Value
  31. Fairy Tail 461 - Wahl feat
  32. UBD Poll: Monkey D Garp
  33. UBD Profile: Gremmy Thoumeau
  34. UBD Profile: Escanor
  35. Fastest DC Speedsters
  36. Brandish Lowers an Island
  37. A Revote on Pixel Scaling
  38. UBD Profile: Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)
  39. should energy level be consider as DC or even in UBD Profile
  40. Brandish Raises an Island
  41. Bijuu Mode Naruto's energy level Calculation.
  42. UBD Poll: Gremmy
  43. Bleach - Mimihagi
  44. Bleach - Yet another calc for speed
  45. Someone calc this
  46. Galan, You will be missed (Calc)
  47. A Match Between Kings: Mard And the CSK Feats
  48. Galan level
  49. galan power
  50. Undertale Tier list
  51. What makes eyeballing better than pixel-scaling?
  52. Atlas Flame Energy Bleed
  53. Erasing of Existence....
  54. Naruto The Last: Chakra Cannon
  55. Etherion, The Holy Light in the Sky
  56. Feat Comparisons: Galan and Ikusatsunagi
  57. Ikusatsunagi
  58. Chakra cannon Calculation
  59. Average power of Frieza's Soldiers?
  60. UBD Poll: Chakra cannon calculation
  61. Brandish Raises an Island (Potential Energy)
  62. Comparing Feats: The CSK and Galan
  63. Is Bluenote's Black Hole a real Black Hole?
  64. Can someone help me calc these KB feats?
  65. Double Standards with Calcs
  66. Master Roshi Max Strength Question
  67. Where does King Rank in Fairy Tail
  68. Size of Caracol Island
  69. UBD Profile: Bambietta Basterbine
  70. Guldo's power level
  71. Calcing Natsus first LFD Roar
  72. OP planet size
  73. Acnologia takes out a country (Theoretical Calc)
  74. UBD Profile: Madara Uchiha
  75. Oldbeard takes out a planet (Theoretical calc)
  76. Sai takes out a continent (Theoretical calc)
  77. UBD Poll : Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)
  78. UBD Profile: Gowther
  79. Size of OP Earth (theoretical calc)
  80. Theoretical power levels in OP (Rax logic applied in everyday scenarios)
  81. Do Bijuu Dama's Pulverize or Vaporize?
  82. Height of Shinjuu tree
  83. CAlculation: Height of Shinju Tree
  84. UBD POll: Shinju Tree height
  85. Atlas Flame Energy Bleed
  86. Fuji meteor's time frame
  87. UBD Poll: Madara Uchiha
  88. Sirius Island Size
  89. SSGSS Vegito Absorbs a Universal Spirit Bomb
  90. UBD Profile: Lord Dregg
  91. Planet Busters
  92. Re-Calculation: Shinjuu tree Height
  93. Gildarts crashed a Mountain
  94. Base Saiyans are weaker than Piccolo in Buu Saga?
  95. UBD Profile: Kaladin Stormblessed
  96. All the lights in the sky are stars!
  97. Real lightning vs non real lightning
  98. UBD Profile: VictoryGreymon
  99. Sakura's DC
  100. GIlthunders Lightning
  101. Dragon Collider: Planetary Curve useable?
  102. Height of shinju tree
  103. Burn, baby. Burn. (Digimon calc)
  104. Legit Lightning speed
  105. Some problems with Gremmy's meteor feat
  106. Uchiha Hideout height Calculation
  107. Jellal's Meteor
  108. jellal's meteor calculated by rax
  109. Manga statements over distance
  110. UBD Profile: Dynasmon
  111. Size of seiretei (again...)
  112. Issue regarding Scaling
  113. Fujitora Meteor Calc
  114. Sinbad Respect Thread
  115. Is this lightning legit?
  116. Does this translate into DC?
  117. Hachibi's height Calculation
  118. Height Calculation: BIjuu Dama tree
  119. UBD Poll: Uchiha Hideout height
  120. A proposal
  121. Height Calculation: Shinjuu(God) Tree
  122. Fun calculation
  123. UBD Poll: Marco
  124. USD Profile: Krang
  125. Atone for your Sins (Digimon: Frontier)
  126. How strong can you be without being classified as super human?
  127. UBD Profile: Susanoomon
  128. Digimon Tier List
  129. Official Magi Tier List
  130. UBD Profile: The Captain
  131. Laxus's Lightning
  132. Banning Battle Vs wiko From the UBD
  133. Double standard or Triple Standard :kaga
  134. hype / prime saitama strength
  135. How should this work?
  136. Hunter x Hunter's current standing
  137. Issoh Meteors MHS or MHS +
  138. One Piece Upgrade Time
  139. Size of the Known FT Planet
  140. Rank the Hunters Association
  141. 2015 in review
  142. Is scaling of FT planet accepted?
  143. Comprehensive Destruction Chart
  144. a natural ability and shared by all of the same race
  145. League of Legends Tier List
  146. Chuck Norris Feats Thread
  147. Harry Potter Tier List
  148. Monspiet's fire bird
  149. Flame Dragon King Roar
  150. Don Slime Speed Calc
  151. Should Haki being equalized be a standard in cross verse matches?
  152. Is Logia Intangibility a NLF?
  153. Is the OP county-small continent DC accepted here?
  154. WB DC
  155. Is Film Z canon?
  156. Dragons2Fast4You
  157. Official Character Tier List
  158. Kinetic Energy of Brandish Raising an Island
  159. Brandish DC/Hax
  160. UBD Profile : Mihawk
  161. Why Brandish island level isn't applicable
  162. UBD Poll: Mihawk
  163. Questions about Caracol Island
  164. Should this feat be dismissed?
  165. Should we make estimations for unquantifiable feats?
  166. Possibly MHS+ pre TS Van Augur
  167. Size of Nagato's Chibaku Tensei
  168. Fate calcing spree
  169. The tales of MFTL Toriko
  170. Guess the DC
  171. Escanor Body Heat
  172. Feat Analysis - Rokuro one-shotting a giant impurity (Sousei No Onmyouji)
  173. What makes Noblesse country level ?
  174. Speed of Laxus' Lightning
  175. Inuyasha: Mouryoumaru Mountain Melting
  176. Incorporating Anime Scenes into Feat calcs
  177. How powerful is Sans
  178. UBD Profile: Wahl Icht
  179. Naruto meteorite speed
  180. Power of F.L.E.I.J.A
  181. Zunisha's size
  182. UBD Profile: Dimaria
  183. UBD Profile: God Emperor of Mankind
  184. Black Clover - How powerful is Julius Nova Chrono?
  185. Amaterasu
  186. Sousei No Onmyouji - DC feat from Hijirimaru
  187. Powers of the "Taken"
  188. UBD Profile: Renji Abarai
  189. Sesshoumarus slashes Naraku
  190. Song of the MHS+ Fairies
  191. Nanatsu no Taizai Tier-list
  192. Across The Skies of Ishgar!
  193. Killing Logic Analysis
  194. Who Can Beat Saitama.
  195. UBD Poll: Natsu Dragneel
  196. Someone calc this
  197. Zeref and Deliora
  198. Official Fairy Tail Tier List
  199. UBD Profile: Erza Scarlet
  200. UBD Profile: Lambadelta
  201. UBD Profile: Featherine Augustus Aurora
  202. KE of Fujitoras Meteors
  203. UBD Poll: Brandish μ
  204. UBD Poll: Gray Fullbuster
  205. UBD Poll: Erza Scarlet
  206. Frieza is that you? (Shadow Mewtwo calc)
  207. YYH Calculation: Speed of Kurama's Mimosa Plant
  208. UBD Profile: Battler Ushiromiya/Tooya Hachijo
  209. UBD Profile: George Ushiromiya
  210. UBD Profile: Jessica Ushiromiya
  211. UBD Profile: EVA-Beatrice
  212. ANGE-BEATRICE - Witch of Truth and Witch of Resurrection
  213. Beatrice/Beato - The Golden Witch
  214. UBD Profile: Frederica Bernkastel
  215. Lake Sciliora (Fairy Tail)
  216. UBD Profile: Kyrie Ushiromiya
  217. DC in WB's quakes.
  218. UBD Profile: Erika Furudo
  219. When you recalc Whitebeard's quakes to satiate people
  220. A jab at Aokiji flash freezing Long Ring Long Land
  221. I wonder.
  222. Accepted calculations
  223. UBD Profile: Megaman(Starforce)
  224. Meliodas danafor thoughts.
  225. Wahl Icht Canon Speed
  226. Height and width of Dianes Ground Gladius
  227. UBD Profile: Sting Eucliffe
  228. UBD Poll: Marco
  229. Battledome Phrases
  230. Welcome to the Meta Battledome!
  231. Brahmastra Kundala - Country DC or naw?
  232. Arcueid drops the Moon, literally (Calc)
  233. UBD Profile: Whitebeard
  234. Finding the depth of the water frozen by Aokiji
  235. New OP Planet Scaling
  236. NLFs
  237. UBD Profile: Acqua Of The Back/William Orwell
  238. UBD Profile: Knight Leader
  239. UBD Profile: Carissa - The Second Princess Of England
  240. No Limit Fallacies
  241. Escanor accelerates his axe..
  242. Regarding UBD profiles
  243. Sending attacks to another dimension
  244. UBD Profile: Doomsday
  245. Calc This Feat - Witch Hunter Tarras and Xing's attack power
  246. Did the majin power up permanently increase Vegeta's power?
  247. Monster Trio - Duress under water (bitcalc)
  248. Upcoming One Piece Calcs
  249. What will these series cap off at?
  250. Why shouldn't the KE of Fujitora's meteor apply to the strength of Doffy's strings?