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  1. Top 10 Manga
  2. Top 10 Anime List
  3. Your First Anime/Manga
  4. EXPRESS YOUR OCCIPITAL---The Latest in General Series Events
  5. Favorite evil organizations/villain groups?
  6. Touching moments throughout fiction.
  7. Favorite manga protagonist and antagonist.
  8. 4kids Music Guy answeres some questions
  9. Top 10 Manga/Anime Villains
  10. Top 5 Old Men in manga
  11. Manga cliches you're sick of
  12. Shonen or Seinen?
  13. Favorite OSTs
  14. What would Luffy do in Naruto's shoes?
  15. What is the last series you've read/watched
  16. underground manga!
  17. New World vs Gourmet World
  18. The Will To Stand Up....
  19. Mangastream ends all scanlations
  20. Evilest characters in fiction
  21. Avatar: The Last Airbender Power-levels
  22. How many series do you follow and which ones?
  23. Scans of the Day
  24. Who draws the most attractive females?
  25. Any manga reading habits?
  26. Do you prefer longer or shorter series?
  27. Favorite Character Designs
  28. Most awesome displays of honor?
  29. Dread Horror
  30. Favorite Villains
  31. My Critical Eye
  32. Best chapter of the week?
  33. Abridged Plus
  34. The Goku Effect
  35. Best fictional place to live in?
  36. Manga Events You Liked
  37. That Sniveling Coward
  38. Favorite Fictional Race in Manga
  39. The Great Death
  40. Pwn Level MAXIMUM
  41. Question about Mangastream
  42. Favorite Energy System in Manga
  43. Greatest Antiheroes?
  44. Why Don't You Just.....
  45. Gary Stu and Mary Sue
  46. Manliest Characters in Manga
  47. Art and Atmosphere in a Manga
  48. The Bishie Archetype
  49. "Different" manga
  50. Gender Roles
  51. The "surpass the old timers so fast" trope
  52. Download your favourite manga to your computer..
  53. You Do It!
  54. Toriko vs One Piece
  55. Romance in Shonen manga
  56. Are You a Manga Collector?
  57. So You Want To See What?
  58. Which career would be ideal for you?
  59. Manga Roulette
  60. Manga concepts that haven't been touched upon yet?
  61. Harem Genre
  62. Character Development
  63. Any shounen protagonist vs Kenshiro at being manly
  64. Scariest Manga Character
  65. Your Top 5 Badasses
  66. Your Favorite Shounen manga
  67. MP Scaling in Fairy Tail
  68. Favorite Female Characters in Shonen Manga
  69. Hurt and Heal: General Series edition
  70. Best Manga Endings
  71. Best and Worst Villain
  72. Naruto and Bleach don't suck.
  73. When it comes to anime...
  74. What character, from any series, is the above user?
  75. Characters that you simply cannot stand ?
  76. Best Marksman?
  77. Best Plot Twists
  78. Wasted Potential
  79. Funny and Random Anime subtitles
  80. Manga artists contribute to anniversary book for JJBA
  81. General Series Index
  82. What's Your favourite current long running shonen Anime?
  83. Your Chapter Comedity
  84. Characters killed off too soon or needlessly?
  85. How much do editors influence mangakas work?
  86. Is One Piece your favourite manga?
  87. Favourite fictional Swordsmen
  88. Most Overrated & Underrated Series
  89. Which Manga has the best art ?
  90. Favourite Sports Series'
  91. What's the worst manga you'are still reading ?
  92. #ffopinions
  93. Anime Charcters you like of your race.
  94. Clint Eastwood is a fan of JJBA
  95. Character morality
  96. Favorite Animes.
  97. Creepiest Manga panels. (may include Spoilers)
  98. Behind the Scenes Materials
  99. Greatest entrance in a Manga
  100. Top 10 selling series for 2012
  101. What Should I Watch Next?
  102. Things You Hate About A Series
  103. Worse Chapter of the Week
  104. What manga has the best way of telling stories.
  105. Top 5 Best/Favorite Mangaka.
  106. 2012 most favourite manga artists
  107. Ya know Luffy and Ichiga kinda look badazz with super saiyan hair
  108. Favorite Manga/Anime Deaths
  109. Manga Organizer
  110. Welcome to the General Series Discussion!
  111. Series' that Gave You Incredibly Wrong First Impressions?
  112. Kaido = Zodd?
  113. Rank these Groups out of 10
  114. DBZ, One Piece & Toriko Crossover coming
  115. DBZ,Toriko and One Piece crossover
  116. Azula
  117. If you could only read/watch one manga/anime for the rest of your life
  118. Shueisha to Print Jump VS Special Issue of Shonen Jump
  119. Favorite Enegry System?
  120. Name Better Fights then Tommyrod Vs Sani.
  121. Main Characters' Absences
  122. Weekly Releases
  123. Your top 5 anime AND manga
  124. Generally, Manga
  125. This Theme Called Mature
  126. Manga panels
  127. Recent Anime Related Experiences
  128. Top 10 favorite fictions and why?
  129. Animes That Got A Manga
  130. Dungeon crawling anime?
  131. Manga Panel
  132. Anime Conventions
  133. Naming Attacks
  134. Race in Manga/Anime
  135. Manga suggestion??
  136. Main Characters
  137. Coolest Swords
  138. What verse would you choose to live in?
  139. Manga Family
  140. Most Badass Moments
  141. Death While Standing Up.
  142. Your Library
  143. Jump Poster
  144. this week manga sales july 29-august 4 toriko
  145. Strongest Manga Verse
  146. Dubs or Subs?
  147. Favourite AMVs
  148. Whats on your anime/Manga backlog
  149. Most Shocking Moment
  150. Most Predictable Moment
  151. Rate the series above
  152. The TMF Battledome wikia project.
  153. Favorite Anime Opening/Closing Themes
  154. i like this character more than that character
  155. Happy Birthday Hatake Kakashi~!
  156. Hurt & Heal Main Characters
  157. What if You Were a Mangaka?
  158. Do You Hide the Fact That You Watch Anime?
  159. Bad Art: How Much Can You Stand?
  160. List everything you're currently reading/watching
  161. Recommendations
  162. Worst Anime Adaptation...
  163. Every Single Series I've Seen Has...
  164. Which Series' Have Made You Cry?
  165. Rate the Character Above You
  166. December Series of The Month Nominations
  167. Your Sensei
  168. Best Anime Quotes Thread
  169. Protagonist Beat Downs
  170. Rare anime worth checking out
  171. Replay Value
  172. The Rise of Manhwa
  173. Claim A Character.
  174. Criticize a Series You Love & Praise a Series You Hate
  175. Creepiest Characters
  176. Any interest in a Saint Seiya Tier List thread ?!
  177. Favorite Manga Panels.
  178. Series of The Month - December [Voting]
  179. GOAT Animation Fight
  180. Anime Season
  181. Rate The Last Series You've Seen
  182. Does Anyone Else Ever
  183. [Game] Guess the person above you
  184. Claim A Character Discussion Thread
  185. What's Your Preference -- Anime or Manga
  186. Your Biggest WTF Moment
  187. Quotes that describes a character
  188. Gintama vs. Kingdom December Series of The Month
  189. One Shots -- Are You a Fan?
  190. Most intelligent series you've seen or read?
  191. Top-Selling Manga 2013
  192. Permanent Gundam sub-section?
  193. End of 2013 Discussion - Manga/Anime
  194. How Do You Read Your Manga?
  195. Best Duos
  196. Best Shonen Protagonist
  197. Should Monthly Releases Be The Norm?
  198. Fuckpenis' Dragon Ball Battle Powers List *Ignoring Scouter Numbers*
  199. January Series of the Month Nominations
  200. Best Principal Antagonist In Anime...
  201. Your 5 Most Well Drawn Mangas
  202. Beserk or Toriko
  203. Must watch animes
  204. [Voting] January Series of the Month
  205. Walter White vs. Yagami Light
  206. till what age can a mangaka work?
  207. Darkest Moments Of Anime/Manga History...
  208. Spring 2014 Anime Season
  210. Which Has Better World Building?
  211. Old School Anime You'd like to see Remade
  212. Characters outisde of OP that would be a good matchup for Mihawk
  213. Panels that give you the feels
  214. will the one piece volume sales ever be surpassed in manga history?
  215. Universes You'd Hate to Wake up in
  216. Review the Last Manga Chapter You Read
  217. Those characters you really like but never get any panel time
  218. Rate the Fight Above you
  219. Favorite Anime Laughs
  220. February Series of the Month Nominations
  221. [Voting] February Series of the Month
  222. Techniques thread
  223. Future Classics
  224. will or can toriko surpass hxh in terms of story?
  225. Size Comparison of Mechas - Video
  226. Best/Favo(u)rite JAPANESE voice actors in your opinion?
  227. More Nostalgic?
  228. DEATH NOTE NEW PROJECT start in March
  229. What Are Your 2 Favourite Completed Series'?
  230. Making Anime Logic Reality
  231. Neon Alley to be Free, On-Demand Starting April 1
  232. Do You Enjoy Reading Naruto?
  233. Am I the only one...
  234. Bleach vs. Naruto: Which do you like more? Why?
  235. March Series of the Month Nominations
  236. [Voting] March Series of the Month
  237. Top 5
  238. Gag manga??
  239. Top story arcs
  240. How Many Anime Episodes Do You Watch Weekly?
  241. Which Series Have You Binged on?
  242. Can a Series Have Too Many Episodes/Chapters?
  243. April Series of The Month Nominations
  244. [Voting] April Series of the Month
  245. Costume Swaps
  246. Billy Bat vs Magi April Series of The Month
  247. Dropped Series
  248. Any series you have obssessed over before?
  249. Series That Got Worse
  250. Character Most Associated With Their Genre