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  1. Rank the Shichibukai!
  2. Whitebeard vs The three Admirals
  3. DFless Whitebeard vs. Garp
  4. Sengoku and Garp vs Admirals
  5. Silvers Rayleigh vs Garp
  6. Strawhats vs Thriller Bark
  7. Post Luffy vs Pre-Modified Kuma
  8. Welcome to the One Piece Battledome!
  9. Fruitless Blackbeard vs. Pre Time Skip Luffy
  10. Akainu > Kizaru > Aokiji imo.
  11. Monster trio Gaunlet
  12. Urogue vs Skypiea's god(Eneru)
  13. Jimbei vs. Ivankov
  14. Crocodile vs. Akainu
  15. Whitebeard & Marco vs Admirals
  16. Magellan vs. Lucci
  17. Boa Sisters take on the pre timeskip Gauntlet
  18. Pre-skip Luffy vs. Gecko Moria
  19. The unofficial 'Feats of One Piece' thread
  20. Usopp and Franky vs Skypea Priests
  21. Ryuuma vs Smoker
  22. Enel Vs. Ryuuma
  23. One Piece "Colloseum' discussion thread.
  24. Top-Tier List
  25. Moria vs Ryuuma
  26. Brook vs Satori
  27. Ryuuma vs. Luffy
  28. Current Monster Trio vs. Pre-gura blackbeard
  29. Fisher Tiger vs Pacifista
  30. Current Luffy takes on the pre-skip gauntlet
  31. Do you think Shanks is stronger than Prime Rayliegh?
  32. Sabaody Chopper takes a gauntlet of other SH's opponents.
  33. How well would current Zoro do against TB Kuma?
  34. The Priests and Wiper vs M3 and Sogeking
  35. Zoro vs Sanji & Franky
  36. Luffy vs Sanji
  37. Pre-skip M3 vs Lucci (individually)
  38. Weakest Admiral?
  39. Franky vs. Krieg
  40. Sandersonia vs Marigold
  41. How high would you rank Luffy in the Whitebeard Alliance?
  42. Kidd vs Moria.
  43. Strawhat pirates vs Kizaru
  44. Smoker vs. Crocodile
  45. Dalton vs Mr. 5 and Valentine
  46. Pell vs Gan Fall
  47. Sentomaru Gauntlet
  48. Cannon fight Jenbe vs Sanji
  49. Teach vs Shiryuu
  50. Magellan vs Kuma
  51. Galley-La vs EB
  52. Moria vs Crocodile
  53. Luffy vs Daz Bones
  54. Monster Trio vs Middle Trio
  55. Nami vs Usopp's opponents
  56. Priests vs. Daz Bones
  57. Blueno vs BQ
  58. Brook vs Kumadori
  59. Nero vs Kuro
  60. Hodi/Hyouzo vs Lucci
  61. Kumadori vs Fukurou
  62. Gin vs Nero
  63. Doflamingo vs Gura Gura Teach
  64. Jozu vs Vista
  65. Fukurou vs Satori
  66. The Strawhat Crew revisits the SA incident.
  67. Current Base Luffy versus Lucci
  68. Crocodile vs Enel
  69. Strong World Shiki vs Doflamingo
  70. Zoro vs Strawhats
  71. Magellan vs Ivankov, Jinbe, & Crocodile
  72. Hannyabal vs Blueno
  73. Sentomaru vs Ivankov
  74. Ivankov vs Ace
  75. Gin vs Kuro
  76. Gin vs Arlong Pirates
  77. Pre timeskip monster trio vs Kracken.
  78. Why Shanks is stronger than Mihawk
  79. Rayleigh vs Whitebeard
  80. Overall does Luffy actually > Jinbe.
  81. Luffy vs Boa.
  82. Pre-TS Luffy vs Pre-TS Smoker
  83. Hodi vs Lucchi
  84. Crocodile vs Kidd
  85. Satori vs. EB Luffy
  86. Current Zoro takes on Thriller Bark
  87. SSJ Hodi & SSJ Hyozo VS Crocodile & Moria
  88. Usopp vs. Mr.4 & Ms.Merry Christmas
  89. Post-ts Brook vs Ryumma
  90. Are Luffy and Zoro equals?
  91. Magellan vs. Vista
  92. Character Rankings: Marshal. D .Teach
  93. Will Jinbe be top tier at the end?
  94. Blackbeard without DA GURI GURI vs Vista
  95. Cabaji, Jango, Gin, and Hatchan vs. Mohji, Buchi, Pearl, and Kuroobi
  96. Sanji vs Enel
  97. Ace was Top-Tier?
  98. Kidd vs a Pacifista
  99. My High-Tier List
  100. Jimbei vs Magellan
  101. Doflamingo vs Hancock
  102. The gap between Garp and Roger/Whitebeard is bigger than most realize
  103. Post your top 5 strongest men right now
  104. Preskip Luffy vs Sanji
  105. Usopp runs the BW gauntlet
  106. EL Zoro vs Jyabura
  107. Pekmons vs preskip Luffy
  108. Can Mihawk defeat any of the 3 pre-skip admirals?
  109. The M3 revisits the Aokiji scenario
  110. Darumo vs. Dosun
  111. Zombie Ryuuma vs. Hyouzou
  112. Can Shanks beat any of the pre-skip admirals?
  113. Oars vs Oars Jr
  114. Post Time Skip Weakling Trio vs Crocodile
  115. Kizaru versus those 7 Whitebeard Commanders
  116. The dragon vs all of Luffy's arc villians
  117. Wadatsumi vs the dragon
  118. Land Jinbe vs the dragon.
  119. Ace versus The Dragon
  120. Tom runs the Fishmen Gauntlet
  121. Fuck it, Marco vs Blackbeard
  122. Pell vs Kizaru
  123. Current Sanji takes on the Enies Lobby Gauntlet
  124. Is this not the strongest attack in the WB War?
  125. Post Time Skip Ussop vs Wiper
  126. Devil Fruitless Whitebeard versus Akainu
  127. Chopper, Daruma, and Ms. Merry Xmas vs. Jyabura
  128. Fruitless Chopper vs. Richie
  129. The Boshi brothers take on the EL Monster Trio
  130. Franky vs Crocodile
  131. Nami vs Arlong
  132. Coby vs Alvida
  133. Zoro vs Vice Admiral Momonga
  134. Vice Admirals and High tier
  135. Wiper vs Crocodile
  136. Franky vs Curiel
  137. Luffy vs. Sanji
  138. The analysis of Luffy's extensive training.
  139. Pekoms vs SHs(exluding M3)
  140. Caribou vs Usopp
  141. Law vs all the Pacifistas at the War
  142. Caribou vs CP9
  143. WBs top 3 as SBs
  144. Can Rob Lucci defeat any of the pre-skip Supernovas?
  145. Hatchi and Kuroobi vs Sham and Buchi
  146. Zoro vs Thriller Bark
  147. Law vs Magellan
  148. Onigomu vs Doflamingo
  149. TS Supernova's at The MHQ-WB War
  150. EOS Law at MHQ war
  151. Zoro vs Law, Special: Best Swordsmen, No Fruit's
  152. Law vs Smoker
  153. Marco vs Kizaru
  154. Yama vs Pell
  155. Current Chopper takes the Enies Lobby Gauntlet
  156. Chopper vs Law
  157. Tashigi's Revenge
  158. Rank Luffy's main enemys form GL
  159. M3 vs 3SB
  160. Fleet admiral Sakazuki vs Fleet Admiral Sengoku
  161. Rank Kong along MHQ top 5
  162. WBs top 3 vs Dofla
  163. Franky vs PX-0 and PX-7
  164. Chopper vs Base Hody
  165. Moria vs 1 PX
  166. Weakest trio that can defeat Roger and Whitebeard?
  167. Lucky Roo vs Jozu
  168. Prime Whitebeard vs. Three Admirals
  169. Vice Admiral contest
  170. Pre v. Post Luffy
  171. Usopp vs Chopper
  172. Shabondy Zoro vs Ohm
  173. Urouge vs Killer (Rematch , Read OP)
  174. Squardo vs Oars Jr.
  175. Trafalgar Law vs Nightmare Luffy
  176. Middle trio vs 5 pacifista
  177. Brook vs Moria
  178. Zoro vs Crocodile
  179. Jinbei vs Jozu(read OP)
  180. Rank the Supernovas EoS
  181. Lucci and Kaku vs Yeti Cool Brothers
  182. Yeti Cool Brothers vs ES Hodi/ES Hyouzou
  183. Mr1 vs Ohm
  184. Hatchan , Kurrobi and Chew vs Chessimario , Kuromarimino and Chess
  185. Fullbody vs Peral vs Sarquiss
  186. Moria vs The Yeti Cool Brothers
  187. Daz Bones vs Hina
  188. Absalom Vs Blueno
  189. Mr 4 vs Miss Doublefinger
  190. Prime Shiki vs prime Rayleigh
  191. Vander Deken vs Wadatsumi (Read OP)
  192. Sanji vs Smoker
  193. Bepo vs the Mid trio
  194. Where do you put Broggy and Dorry in terms of tiers
  195. Prime Ray vs Shanks
  196. Post Skip Weak Trio vs...
  197. Ace takes the current SH crew gauntlet
  198. Post Skip Luffy Vs Magellan
  199. Luffy vs Law
  200. Lucci goes up against the Straw hats (M3 not included)
  201. Axe Hand Morgan vs Jango
  202. Ace vs Law
  203. Big Mom the weakest Yonkou?
  204. DF less Marco vs Vista
  205. Pre-Skip Blackbeard combat and reaction speed was at least equal to the Fire FisT !
  206. Strongest person fruitless Blackbeard can take
  207. Shojo , Masira and Cricket vs Hatchan , Kurrobi and Chew
  208. Yami Blackbeard vs. Hancock
  209. strongest person Whitebeard can beat
  210. The Newakama Masters vs ? ?
  211. Sanji vs Magellan
  212. Current Luffy vs. Enel
  213. Smoshigi gauntlet
  214. Lucky Roux Vs Vista
  215. Ben Beckman vs Marco
  216. Middle Trio vs Weak Trio
  217. Luffy vs Zoro
  218. Ex-shichibukai Jinbe vs Vice-admiral Smoker
  219. How many of the shichibukai can Jinbe defeat?(read OP)
  220. Brooks vs. Lucci
  221. Kid zoro vs. Kid Ace
  222. Ace vs Kinemon
  223. Mihawk VS Marineford
  224. Marco vs Marineford
  225. Sanji takes on Thriller Bark
  226. Whitebeard Gauntlet
  227. Coby vs Bellamy
  228. The Almighty Doflamingo
  229. Rank these characters speed
  230. New world tier list
  231. Could CP9 take a Pacifista?
  232. Inazuma Vs Kaku
  233. Caribou, weak?
  234. Pekoms vs Sir Crocodile
  235. WB vs Shanks
  236. Sauls strength.
  237. Jinbe vs Sanji (read OP)
  238. Arlong vs Blueno
  239. Weakest character than can take the Supernovas
  240. Don Krieg vs Arlong
  241. Lucci, Blueno and Kalifa vs Pacifista
  242. Who and how many people will be at the highest tier?
  243. Crocus vs M3
  244. Strongest VA Jinbe can defeat
  245. Strongest character the VA's as a whole could beat?
  246. Ohm vs. Blueno
  247. Absalom vs Fukuro
  248. Shi no Kuni vs Luffy
  249. Injured Whitebeard vs. Akainu
  250. Whitebeard(Handicapped) vs Post TS Luffy