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  1. Best Manga ever
  2. One Piece Anime Discussion Thread
  3. Favorite Straw Hat
  4. Do You Think We Might Have a Sea Battle Coming Up?
  5. Did Mihawk Have Zoro Go Through Some Fishing Training?
  6. Epic OP moments
  7. Place You're Most Hyped For?
  8. Official One Piece Short Question Thread
  9. When Whitebeard Started His Crew
  10. Blackbeard post-TS
  11. The New Generation
  12. Luffy vs. Akainu
  13. Aokiji
  14. Cnet's Translation of Chapter 603
  15. This is Pretty Cool
  16. Luffy Appreciation Thread
  17. Dragon and Akainu
  18. Something I noticed
  19. Predictions that don't deserve their own thread
  20. What Role Wil Rokushiki Have From Now On?
  21. How would this situation go if Luffy had Haki then?
  22. What separates One Piece from other shonen nowadays?
  23. One Piece-Dragon Ball parallels
  24. Could Ashura be Sovereign Haki?
  25. Hawkins as a Schichbukai?
  26. Cool OP AMVs
  27. Marco Prime
  28. The mysteries of Blackbeard
  29. It's really a shame Whitebeard's flag was changed
  30. Really? People actually think Shiryuu is top tier?
  31. Gorousei. How strong are they?
  32. Would Kairoseki restrain a Haki user?
  33. Post Time Skip Sh Bounties
  34. Who will be the next Admiral?
  35. How strong do you think Rakuyou is?
  36. How much more time do you think will pass in the OPverse?
  37. OP Databook Green - Scanlated!!
  38. Garp and Aokiji
  39. "My pupil is about to set off"
  40. Do you think Luffy's hand actually changed color?
  41. Blue Walk - Soru or Geppou?
  42. What Elephant Gun may tell us about Luffy's current level of Haki mastery
  43. Luffy reenters Marineford
  44. How strong will Usopp be at the end?
  45. How strong do you think the Kraken is?
  46. Who will we meet first?
  47. List of people stronger than the current Admirals
  48. "Chaser" Yasopp
  49. Favorite Character
  50. Monster Trio-Admiral parallels
  51. How would the brawling type deal with Aokiji?
  52. Luffy dying?
  53. Pacifista upgrade
  54. Seawater/seastone/Yami Yami no Mi/Haki vs. Luffy
  55. Is Sengoku really in the tier with Garp, and the others oldies of Roger's Era?
  56. Why I think there will be more smaller time skips
  58. How do you feel about Sanji getting CoC?
  59. I just realized how much of a beast Roger must have been.
  60. The Concept of Devil Fruits
  61. Luffy's current seperation from the Monster Trio
  62. How strong was Fisher Tiger?
  63. lol, jinbe is fucking joining.
  64. Decent Dub Ever Coming?
  65. The First Luffy Thread
  66. Vista is a G.
  67. Favorite Animated Moment
  68. If we got rid of Devil Fruits in One Piece
  69. Croc & Daz
  70. Big Mam with a Candy DF?
  71. Whitebeard's DF is overrated
  72. Do we know for sure that Dragon is Garp's son?
  73. Post time-skip Sanji vs. Pre time-skip Zoro
  74. We're about to see some serious Zoro CoO
  75. When will Luffy return to East Blue?
  76. Do you think the famed Fishman swordsman is on FI?
  77. Big Mam to appear later on?
  78. Moria vs. current SH members.
  79. Mermaid Princess will be ugly
  80. Whitebeard without his beard is fodder level
  81. 2 Years ago, was Gear Second a High Tier Feat?
  82. Whose fights do you enjoy the most?
  83. Oda deliberately hiding Franky and Zoro's bounties?
  84. Caribou to kidnap princess
  85. The Least and Most improved Strawhat?
  86. Blackbeard's projected 'peak'
  87. Could Luffy's Elephant Gun match Ace's Entei?
  88. Don't you think they should read up on DFs?
  89. Nami's physical strengh
  90. King Neptune, legitimate world power, or typical arc boss
  91. Order of strawhats?
  92. New bounties
  93. I just realized the calm belt is meaningless at this point.
  94. One Piece Cover Story: The Return of The Strawhat Pirates
  95. Did Blackbeard go down as the man who killed Whitebeard?
  96. How strong is Fukaboshi?
  97. No one in the palace seems to be particularly angry
  98. 4kids' raping of a successful Dub for One Piece
  99. The War really skewed my vision on powerlevels
  100. Is it just me...
  101. Bounties?
  102. When will the ancient weapons come into play and what will they be capable of?
  103. So, are Jinbei and Neptune considered official knights?
  104. Will Chopper and Sanji gattai?
  105. Akainu did NOT give Luffy his new scar
  106. Brook with CoO?
  107. VDD's true intentions not yet revealed?
  108. Do logias have a fast healing rate?
  109. What did Buggy mean by this?
  110. Will Brook have a similar power to Apoo?
  111. Anyone else find this interesting?
  112. Why did Whitebeard use a bistento?
  113. Will the undersea current play a bigger role in this arc?
  114. Why are people so fond of the idea of Luffy dying?
  115. Character wise, how much do you like Blackbeard?
  116. Will we have EB types fights or do you think someone stronger lurks in the shadows?
  117. More evidence Zeff made it to the New World?
  118. Vice Admirals
  119. Jinbe's Strawhat-lite dream: JINBE THE FISHMEN MISSIONARY!
  120. Do you think Hodi was always a racist?
  121. Do you think we'll see any more "honor fights" soon?
  122. Defining tiers
  123. Strong World
  124. Is it possible most really high/top-tier fighters have a high poison resistance?
  125. Why I believe the NW will take a lot longer than Paradise
  126. The Color of the Conqueror, something you're born with? Or something manifested?
  127. Sparks really are = CoA?
  128. Deciphering the ancient history
  129. Superior CoO = Zoro's answer to G2?
  130. OP x Toriko Special Chapter Discussion Thread
  131. Could Zoro and Sanji consciously use Haki preskip?
  132. How do you thnk the M3 compares to Jinbei?
  133. New Opening
  134. Robin's father?
  135. Do you think you'll ever like Roger as much as you do Whitebeard?
  136. What is Luffy's "Roger-like Moment" going to be in this arc?
  137. Bandai spoiled next Nakama?
  138. How high do you rank a pacifista?
  139. If Roger was still alive
  140. Oars Jr. is very underrated.
  141. Is Crocodile underrated?
  142. Blackbeard Pirates Vs. Strawhats
  143. Is Luffy OverRated?
  144. What do you think will go down with Strawhats vs. Admirals?
  145. Oda is warming up up for VA confrontations
  146. How do you think Drake ranked among the Rear-Admirals?
  147. The official "Probability of Jinbe joining" thread
  148. Official volume 62 discussion thread
  149. Koala on Fishman Island?
  150. Plot twists in the story that blew you away.
  151. Current Sanji; Currently stonger than Ivankov?
  152. Whitebeard Commanders Thread
  153. Dragon
  154. How strong do you think the end game Strawhats will be?
  155. Favorite OP Villains
  156. marineford amv
  157. How do we compare skill with weapons?
  158. About Rayleigh's inactivity
  159. Current Monster Trio; Could they feasibly hold off an Admiral?
  160. How exactly do you think Ben Beckman fights?
  161. Whitebeard's Strength
  162. Is Mihawk on par with the strongest people in the series?
  163. Sanji's power if he quit smoking.
  164. Sanjis new moves?
  165. Fish Elder
  166. Next crew mate...
  167. Rate the flashback
  168. Coincidence?
  169. Hand Drawn OnePiece intro
  170. Are humans, giants, fishpeople, longnecks etc all one species?
  171. Do you think Blackbeard will ever get Whitebeard's title?
  172. Do you think Oda can do it in 1,000 chapters?
  173. How do you think Luffy trained after Ace left?
  174. strength confusion....
  175. Analyzing the new colorspread
  176. So...even Luffy knows he's stronger than Jinbe
  177. Luffy vs Jinbei predictions
  178. Do you think there is currently a strongest person in the world?
  179. At what point is the war was Whitebeard no longer WSM?
  180. Zoro's eye
  181. On bounties exceeding 300 million
  182. Luffy - exceptionally physically weak!?
  183. Can Jinbei use Haki?
  184. Has Luffy surpassed Ace yet?
  185. How strong would Ace be now?
  186. Power relationship between the monster trio?
  187. Should we create an anime section?
  188. Do you like the arc?
  189. Devil Fruits that are similar
  190. The Shichibukai, should they be revamped?
  191. Hodi Jones rough throwing speed calc
  192. Taylor Gang or Die - One Piece Version
  193. Sabo vs. Akainu
  194. Sanji, how did he keep up with the M3 after the TS.
  195. Enel or Kizaru?
  196. So far...
  197. Is Rayleigh bound to come back?
  198. Sanji and his 'Blue Walk'
  199. Delete your post One Piece style
  200. Strongest Vice Admirals
  201. Kizaru
  202. Is there a signifact reason as to why Oda hid both Zoro's and Franky's bounties?
  203. Do you see Luffy going back to East Blue at the end of the series?
  204. Kaido vs Shanks (speculation)
  205. Luffy's mom theory
  206. How would you rank the post-skip strawhats + Jinbe
  207. Shichibukai as kids
  208. Would you consider Rayliegh a Swordsman or Hybird?
  209. How to determine when Luffy uses CoA...
  210. Buggy
  211. Big Mam.
  212. Kaidou.
  213. Any changes you'd make to One Piece?
  214. Will Luffy get the smallest bounty raise?
  215. Things( Foreshadowed) Left To Be Shown In One Piece!
  216. Does Sanji use CoA to activate DJ now?
  217. Of Course Aokiji Is Black
  218. Kizaru
  219. Akainu.
  220. Rayleigh is Luffy's Uncle?
  221. Can CoA and a DF be used at the same time?
  222. Is Tekkai useless now?
  223. Difference between Kuma and PX-0
  224. Favorite One Piece Qoute.
  225. Oda's inspiration for Haki
  226. Do you think that in the future Luffy will have a bigger crew?
  227. Do you think smoker will keep his jutte?
  228. Why doesn't Luffy use a weapon?
  229. Post Time Skip Supernovas?
  230. Will Smoker ever be an arc villain?
  231. Marine fighting styles.(Your favorite)
  232. Which antagonists will have their own saga?
  233. EoS Characters
  234. What Makes You Think Mihawk Is So Strong!!
  235. How far off do you think Zoro is from Mihawk.
  236. When Will Sanji and Zoro really show out.
  237. Hmm this seems familar mr 4.. er i mean Dosun.
  238. Arlong vs Daruma
  239. Will Robin take over for Jimbei and Sanji?
  240. Franky's machines
  241. Blackbeard Pirates: New vs Old
  242. Are the Whitebeard Pirates still on top?
  243. Will Duruma Measure Up.
  244. Robin's Comeback.
  245. Epic Moments In One Piece.
  246. Is Caribou a legitimate threat?
  247. Noah
  248. WE GO!
  249. One Piece 641 Discussion Thread
  250. Is this arc really bad?