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  1. Shokugeki no Souma Convo Thread
  2. Best girl
  3. Shokugeki no Souma reading log
  4. Best cooking match
  5. Best dishes
  6. Top five favorite characters
  7. Best foodgasm
  8. Best arc
  9. Best speciality/cooking method
  10. Most creative dish concepts
  11. Worst Cooking Match
  12. Best prelims curry dish
  13. Any cooking style Mimisaka can't copy?
  14. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 1 Discussion Thread
  15. Can Eizan cook?
  16. Hurt and Heal: Autumn Election Top 8 plus Erina
  17. Why are women "shafted" in this manga?
  18. 3rd years
  19. Possible stagiaire combos
  20. Will Souma ever get a specialty?
  21. Does Eizan have a chef in the Ten seats?
  22. Multiples Shokugeki
  23. Nakiri Erina Character Disucssion
  24. Nakiri Alice Character Discussion
  25. Will Isami Aldini ever surpass Takumi?
  26. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 2 Discussion Thread
  27. Yuikihira Soma Character Discussion
  28. Soma's Rivals
  29. Who will be left and graduate from Souma's generation?
  30. Will Souma ever challenge Isshiki in a shokugeki?
  31. Seats from the Autumn Election
  32. Larger Emphasis On Tools
  33. Real life Shokugeki dishes
  34. Winter Election
  35. Themes of a chef
  36. Souma's underdog theme
  37. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 3 Discussion Thread
  38. Represented cuisines
  39. Best character design
  40. Dishes/foods you would like to see
  41. SnS Etoile chapter 2
  42. What kinds of cooking would you like to see?
  43. How good a chef is Chapelle?
  44. Shokugeki no Souma Chapter 115 Discussion
  45. Full Course Cooking
  46. If Erina's cooking skill is 100...
  47. What was the diff of the Autumn finals match?
  48. Judging and diffs of matches
  49. Art of the series
  50. Foodgasms/references
  51. What's next for Eizan?
  52. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 4 Discussion Thread
  53. Possible stagiaire expulsions
  54. Stagiaire arc focus
  55. Drink pairings
  56. Erina's development
  57. Traveling
  58. Whose cooking do you want to see more of?
  59. Will anyone else than Souma surpass Jouichirou and co.?
  60. Factions
  61. Research societies
  62. Possible career paths
  63. Erina's curry
  64. Isshiki's speciality
  65. Souma's second year challenger
  66. Shokugeki no Souma 117 Chinese scan
  67. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 6 Discussion Thread
  68. Mimasaka"s Return
  69. When will Souma beat his rivals?
  70. Shokugeki Conditions
  71. Matches You Want To See
  72. Shokugeki circumstances
  73. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 7 Discussion Thread
  74. SnS: Guess the Character
  75. Hurt and Heal: mid tiers
  76. How Long Will SNS Go For
  77. Souma's Elite Ten Shokugeki
  78. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 8 Discussion Thread
  79. Licenses
  80. Isshiki and the Autumn Election
  81. Rank the Elite Ten by design
  82. First First Year In The Elite Ten
  83. So, First Years...
  84. Team Shokugeki
  85. Shokugeki no Souma Volume 13 cover
  86. Shokugeki no Soma Episode 9 Discussion Thread
  87. Who will be the first to lose their seat?
  88. SnS Art Thread
  89. Difference In Cooking Strength
  90. Hurt and Heal Alumni
  91. Will any of the Elite Ten third years fall to an Elite Ten second year?
  92. Souma's Mother
  93. Traditional Gender Role Of Cooking
  94. Souma's Romance
  95. SNS Flashbacks
  96. Erina versus Kuga
  97. Was Erina always an Elite Ten?
  98. Big food occasions
  99. Souma's relationships/interactions
  100. Pickling master/specialist
  101. Humor in Shokugeki no Souma
  102. Potential stall team ups
  103. Alice's motivation in this arc
  104. The Main Street battle of the Festival
  105. Hayama's hamburger dish
  106. Hurt and Heal: Elite Ten
  107. Different role for Erina
  108. Should there have been more Shokugekis?
  109. Hurt and Heal Miscellaneous
  110. How did the others fare at the egg challenge?
  111. Should There Be More Variety For Development
  112. PoPs Reading Log
  113. Quality ingredients in the finals
  114. New name for Souma's subsection
  115. Should I start Shougeki no Soma
  116. Would Kuga's defeat make sense?
  117. Hurt and Heal: Top Twos
  118. Rindou's motivation in the festival
  119. Eishi and Kuga
  120. My Shokugeki no Soma Review
  121. Y's Shokugeki No Souma Reading Log
  122. Full course first years
  123. Azami Nakiri FV?
  124. Conflicts between the Elite Ten
  125. What dishes did you recognize or have taste before???
  126. Erina's mother
  127. Did Azami live in the Polar Star Dorm?
  128. Who's going to hit Elite Ten out of the current first year guys?
  129. Who's going to get expelled
  130. How would Sanji do in Shokugeki no Soma?
  131. How Long Will the Story be in Verse?
  132. Elite Ten post 90th generation
  133. When will Erina cook again?
  134. The Five senses
  135. The Elite Ten civil war
  136. Elite Ten Fortes
  137. Consequences of Azami's takeover
  138. What is more valuable to the academy?
  139. Nene as a villain
  140. Elite Ten allies
  141. Future of the Shokugekis
  142. Are the other Elite 10 Members accepting Shokugekis aswell?
  143. New characters
  144. Alice's father
  145. 3rd years elite ten spotlight
  146. Erina's refuge
  147. Cooking aspect of this manga
  148. Will Azami swap out the E4 rebels?
  149. Azamis plan for Erina
  150. Polar Star versus Eizan's thugs
  151. Hurt and Heal: poster nominations
  152. Gaps between the Elite 10
  153. Best chef of Polar Star dorm
  154. First years in the Elite 10.
  155. Elite ten pedigrees
  156. Absence of anti-Azami faction elite ten
  157. Rank the Elite 10
  158. Yukihira's EoS girl?
  159. Which elite ten member would you like to be an aide for?
  160. Megumi's stagiare with Gordan Ramsay
  161. Who would you choose to be your personal chef?
  162. Does Eizan...
  163. Souma versus Eizan: consequences
  164. DM reads SnS
  165. Kuga taking on Eishi
  166. Best intro
  167. Elite ten hierarchy
  168. Who's skill/specialization/abilities would you like to have/
  169. Conditions for entering the Elite Ten
  170. Eishi's "perfection"
  171. Albion's Shokugeki no Soma Reading Log
  172. Alice or Rindou?
  174. When will these people...
  175. The final Shokugeki
  176. Skydragon SNS reading log
  177. Alias' Shokugeki no Soma Reading Log
  178. Myst Reads SNS
  179. Does cooking speed matter?
  180. Training camp Souma/Takumi
  181. Meh characters
  182. If you could be a chef in SNS, who would you be?
  183. Name for the Section!
  184. If Souma is a 100...
  185. Why you should read Shokugeki no Souma
  186. Section description
  187. Which freshmen are going to join the Elite Ten?
  188. Why did Souma's Dad never graduate?
  189. Are you enjoying it?
  190. how long will it go?
  191. Hayama in the Azami affair
  192. Which character do you dislike the most?
  193. Best Boy
  194. Character discussion: Takumi
  195. Character discussion: Hayama
  196. Shokugeki no Souma default avatars
  197. GP's SnS Reading Log
  198. what shokugeki's are you looking forward to/want to see?
  199. The Erina situation
  200. What's the best Shokugeki match so far?
  201. EOS elite 10 seats
  202. some ideas we could maybe try?
  203. What is your favorite dish so far?
  204. Spirit of a chef: Eizan's faction
  205. Elite Ten requirements
  206. The learning curve
  207. Hurt and Heal: grills night out
  208. why did they let Azami in?
  209. Shokugeki no Souma 2nd season confirmed
  210. TMF Elite Ten Shokugeki sign ups and discussion
  211. who would join who?
  212. Character Discussion: Azami Nakiri
  213. Isshiki and Kuga
  214. Block A Shokugeki: Albion versus Crispy
  215. Block A Shokugeki: King Rai versus alias
  216. Block B Shokugeki: Dolfa versus Kusa
  217. Block B Shokugeki: Bold versus Nord
  218. Eizan versus Souma: the factors
  219. Character Discussion's: Polar star dorm
  220. Why do the second years try
  221. Block A Shokugeki: Allara versus Void
  222. Block B Shokugeki: Skydragon versus felixng2015
  223. Block A Shokugeki: Albion versus Y
  224. Block B Shokugeki: Kusa versus Nightfall
  225. do think characters are going to start getting expelled?
  226. what characters would leave the biggest impact when expelled and why?
  227. Volume 16 cover
  228. if hayama was the one who was fighting kuga?
  229. Block A Shokugeki: Crispy versus King Rai
  230. Block A Shokugeki: alias versus Allara
  231. Block B Shokugeki: Bold versus Dofla
  232. Block B: Nord versus Skydragon
  233. Post your brackets
  234. Block A Shokugeki: Void versus Y
  235. Block B Shokugeki: felix versus Nightfall
  236. New curriculum
  237. Block A Shokugeki: Albion versus King Rai
  238. Block A Shokugeki: Crispy versus alias
  239. Aides learning from their masters
  240. Block B Shokugeki: Dofla versus Nord
  241. Block B Shokugeki: Kusa versus Skydragon
  242. new 1st years?
  243. E10 Third Years
  244. Default avatars poll
  245. Block A Shokugeki: Allara versus Y
  246. Block B Shokugeki: Bold versus felix
  247. 2016 hope's or predictions
  248. Final Avatar Dispute Erina vs ... Erina
  249. Block A Shokugeki: Albion versus Void
  250. Block B Shokugeki: Dofla versus Nightfall